The drumbeat towards a Constitutional crisis, instigated by a frightened and desperate president and his congressional and media supporters, is getting ever louder. The recent relentless attacks against the FBI and Mueller are clearly an attempt to pave the way to fire Mueller. Should Trump et. al. actually pursue this threat to our democracy, our swift action and reaction will be critical. It will not be a time for the pontificators to pontificate or the hand wringers to wring their hands. It will be a time to take to the streets and make our voices heard and our intent to save our democracy felt. It will not be a time for eloquence, but rather s time for volume and anger. We, the majority, will need to be prepared to act quickly, decisively and purposefully. I hope I’m reading the tea leaves incorrectly, but I have to say that what I’m hearing is causing me great concern.


There was good news and there was bad news, and then a new day. On Friday we had the Flynn guilty plea and the passage of the Senate Tax Plan. (It really passed early Saturday morning to be entirely transparent.) Today is Saturday and as the sun shines on this new day we have to maintain perspective and look toward what I believe will be a bright future. Now I’m not trying to sound “pollyannaish”, I’m just looking at the facts. First, we saw the beginning of the end of the Trump Administration. This band of dangerous Grifters is finally going to wipe those arrogant smirks off of there faces as their supercilious utterings fall flat. We will experience the joy of watching them fall one by one as Mueller and his team of relentless experts confront them with irrefutable facts and indictments. In the end we will celebrate as the sickest of them all is forced out of office. The second event of the day left us saddened and frustrated. I, for one, was very saddened that the Senate of the United States had been so corrupted by a bullying majority. The process, ( a misnomer ) this revered body used to write and ultimately pass the tax bill was convoluted and disgraceful. The Republicans sold their souls in an attempt to protect their jobs with total disregard to its impact on the vast majority of Americans or the ultimate fiscal health of the nation. The Republicans have attached themselves to the sickness that is Trump and his supporters, and with them they will go down in flames. That is,they will, if the Democrats can get their act together and do what has to be done at the polls in 2018. Democratic majorities are in reach in both the House and the Senate. If we fight among ourselves instead of focusing our energies on defeating the Republicans we will blow this incredible opportunity. The future is ours for the taking. I believe the momentum is shifting in our direction. But it is up to us to give Karma and momentum a little help.

On this Thanksgiving I am thankful for my family and my friends and the unique opportunity that America has afforded…