The past 36 hours have been surreal. No Hollywood studio would accept this script. No publisher would accept this manuscript as fiction. Once again, reality is more fantastic than fiction. I have been trying to take it all in and process it. Initially I was quite pleased with the Woodward book and the piece in the New York Times. However, after listening to the reaction of many GOP Congressman and politicos I became outraged. It became clear that none of this was news to them, and the Op Ed writer was just one many White House staff members with the concerns outlined in the NY Times. The fact is that the GOP and the White House staff are complicit in enabling a president who is not now and has never been emotionally or intellectually suited to be in office. To whom are they responsible? Are they all so small that they are concerned only for their own self interest and Party? I’m not pointing to the worker bees to whom this is first and foremost a job they need to support their families. I am, however pointing to the cabinet and the senior level staff. I am also pointing to the GOP majority. Where is loyalty to country? Not surprisingly the Trump reaction has been extreme and volcanic. It has set off a round of denial and paranoia that will not soon end. It had made a dysfunctional White House even more dysfunctional. It is up to “We the People” to continue to sound the alarm and demand accountability. Most importantly, we must vote and turn not only the house but the senate as well. The Constitution provides two remedies. The 25th Amendment and impeachment and conviction. Reality is that the 25th Amendment is an unlikely remedy. That leaves impeachment and conviction. The only way that will succeed is Democratic control of both the house and senate. It’s all up to us.


THIS POLITICAL JUNKY IS CHOKINGI am an admitted political junky. From the time I was 14 and read Alan Drury’s Advise And Consent I was hooked. I was enamored by the nobility and stature of the Senate. I was enthralled by the power and majesty of the President. It so happens that this was a time during which the fight for equality and civil rights began to burst onto the our nightly news tv screens. This was real life and every bit as engaging as a novel, especially if you lived in mountains of North Carolina and saw up close what the battle was about every day. This of course was followed by the Nixon/ Kennedy election, the Kennedy and King assassinations and Vietnam. For all of those years and for all of the years since politics and international relations have been an important part of my life. I majored in International Relations in college, I dodged the draft for four years during Vietnam with my wife. We have knocked on doors and made phone calls in political campaigns and watch and read all we can to stay up to date. But enough is enough.This political junky is choking. I’ve been around long enough to know that Washington is not always noble or majestic. I understand that many of those who serve in the house and senate are self-serving and only the very few are noble. While I have certainly had major political and ideological differences with many of our presidents, Trump has taken it to a whole different level. His raw and unapologetically self-serving, self-enriching and crass behavior is disastrous for our nation, our democracy and the world. I simply can’t listen to his voice or the voices of those who speak for him. This political junky has overdosed on the evil that Trump has awakened and the disregard for civility that he has made acceptable. Please Mr. Mueller end this nightmare that we are living.

A lot of people are going to try to convince you over the next few days that Robert Mueller is a bad man trying to destroy America. Here is who Robert Mueller really is…. • Born August 7th, 1944 in Manhattan • Grew up outside of Philly • Graduated High School in 1962 • Won award as school’s top athlete • Went to Princeton • Graduated with a degree in Politics in 1966 • Went to New York University • Graduated with Masters in International Relations in 1967 • Partially in response to a friend getting killed in Vietnam he enlisted in the Marines in 1968 • Attended officer training at Parris Island • Also attended Army Ranger and Army Jump School • Was sent to South Vietnam where he served as a rifle platoon Commander • In April of 1969 he was shot in the thigh, recovered and returned to active duty • He earned the following medals while serving in Vietnam o Bronze Star with Combat V; Purple Heart; Navy and Marine Corp Commendation Medals; Combat Action Ribbon; National Defense Medal, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross…and several others • He returned to America and earned his law degree in 1973 from Virginia Law School • Worked for 3 years as a litigator in San Francisco • Worked 12 years in the US Attorney Office o Rose to chief of Criminal Division • Moved to Boston to work as Assistant US Attorney • Prosecuted financial fraud; terrorism; public corruption; narcotics conspiracies and money laundering • Worked in Boston at a private firm until 1989 • Joined the US Department of Justice working on national security • Worked on the following cases…Manuel Noriega; Pan Am Flight 103 and the Gambino Crime Family • Moved between private and public service until 1998 when he was named the US Attorney for Northern California • Bush (W) nominated him for FBI Director in 2001 and he was confirmed 98-0 • One week after taking the office came the 9/11 attacks • He remained in office for 12 years…the second longest term in FBI history • This long term required Senate Approval • He was replaced at the FBI in 2013 by James Comey • He had been teaching, speaking and consulting since 2013 when he was asked to run this investigation into Russian collusion As a comparison…trump’s resume looks like this during those same years • Sent to military school because of poor behavior • Faked bone spurs and dodged draft • Denied African-Americans housing for his daddy’s real estate business • Lied • Cheated • Grifted • Learned to Tweet • Lied • Cheated • Grifted Your choice really, whom to believe.