The past 36 hours have been surreal. No Hollywood studio would accept this script. No publisher would accept this manuscript as fiction. Once again, reality is more fantastic than fiction. I have been trying to take it all in and process it. Initially I was quite pleased with the Woodward book and the piece in the New York Times. However, after listening to the reaction of many GOP Congressman and politicos I became outraged. It became clear that none of this was news to them, and the Op Ed writer was just one many White House staff members with the concerns outlined in the NY Times. The fact is that the GOP and the White House staff are complicit in enabling a president who is not now and has never been emotionally or intellectually suited to be in office. To whom are they responsible? Are they all so small that they are concerned only for their own self interest and Party? I’m not pointing to the worker bees to whom this is first and foremost a job they need to support their families. I am, however pointing to the cabinet and the senior level staff. I am also pointing to the GOP majority. Where is loyalty to country? Not surprisingly the Trump reaction has been extreme and volcanic. It has set off a round of denial and paranoia that will not soon end. It had made a dysfunctional White House even more dysfunctional. It is up to “We the People” to continue to sound the alarm and demand accountability. Most importantly, we must vote and turn not only the house but the senate as well. The Constitution provides two remedies. The 25th Amendment and impeachment and conviction. Reality is that the 25th Amendment is an unlikely remedy. That leaves impeachment and conviction. The only way that will succeed is Democratic control of both the house and senate. It’s all up to us.