Be Aware, Be Concerned, Be Vocal

On a day like this when, once again, our president takes an action that is destructive to America and the world, it is helpful to take a broad view. We need to put this action into context in order to discern the broader picture.
Clearly, Trump and his administration have taken actions during the past 16 months or so that have been equally destructive in their own way. He has denigrated our judiciary and attempted to pack the courts with unqualified but ideologically attractive judges. He has continued to focus his contempt on the legitimate press and attempts to control the narrative through Fox News and the Sinclair network. Any story that raises questions about his administration or policies is “fake news”. Trump has effectively defanged the house and senate and made them his partners in crime. He has removed America from every bilateral and multinational agreement possible and has played around the edges of a trade war. He has worked relentlessly to deregulate and remove protections that we have come to expect and deserve. The deregulation also provides business and commerce a more unencumbered path to financial success. He has made all immigrants the enemy and worked hard to sow divisions within our population. He has demeaned science, research and intellectual endeavor. Trump has made hate and suspicion ok and gun rights more important than student lives. In short, Donald Trump has torn the very fabric of America and the hard fought for and defended world order.  
If this reality concerns you and appears to be similar to the behavior of autocrats and dictators in recent history you are justified. Be aware, be concerned and be vocal. The future of America and our allies is dependent on it.


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