THIS POLITICAL JUNKY IS CHOKINGI am an admitted political junky. From the time I was 14 and read Alan Drury’s Advise And Consent I was hooked. I was enamored by the nobility and stature of the Senate. I was enthralled by the power and majesty of the President. It so happens that this was a time during which the fight for equality and civil rights began to burst onto the our nightly news tv screens. This was real life and every bit as engaging as a novel, especially if you lived in mountains of North Carolina and saw up close what the battle was about every day. This of course was followed by the Nixon/ Kennedy election, the Kennedy and King assassinations and Vietnam. For all of those years and for all of the years since politics and international relations have been an important part of my life. I majored in International Relations in college, I dodged the draft for four years during Vietnam with my wife. We have knocked on doors and made phone calls in political campaigns and watch and read all we can to stay up to date. But enough is enough.This political junky is choking. I’ve been around long enough to know that Washington is not always noble or majestic. I understand that many of those who serve in the house and senate are self-serving and only the very few are noble. While I have certainly had major political and ideological differences with many of our presidents, Trump has taken it to a whole different level. His raw and unapologetically self-serving, self-enriching and crass behavior is disastrous for our nation, our democracy and the world. I simply can’t listen to his voice or the voices of those who speak for him. This political junky has overdosed on the evil that Trump has awakened and the disregard for civility that he has made acceptable. Please Mr. Mueller end this nightmare that we are living.


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