Our grifter president once again proves that he cares little about anyone or anything but himself, his self-aggrandizement and self-enrichment. His inability to make a sympathy call with the appropriate sincerity and grace illustrates his basic lack of inner-strength and empathy. His need to lie on Monday about his and his predecessors calls to the survivors of our fallen soldiers and then about what was actually said in that call is abhorrent and beneath the accepted norms of office of the presidency. Trump’s baseless accusations against a black congresswoman who in fact had been a decades-old intimate friend of the fallen soldier’s family sadly typifies the fact-free aggressively defensive behavior of this president.  The events depicted above make it clear that there is not one single objective evaluative measurement by which this president meets even the most basic criteria of appropriate behavior, necessary leadership or level of accomplishment necessary for success. His failure to perform, as well as his wholesale disregard of accepted protocols, institutions and relationships has placed this nation and our allies in danger. The unprecedented remarks made recently by Presidents Obama and Bush as well Vice President Biden and Senators McCain and Corker must be accepted as unmistakable warnings of great impending jeopardy. Never has it become more important to speak out and actively work for the defeat of Republicans. Their benign acceptance and then active support of both his candidacy and behavior is responsible for the current state of our nation. No honest congressional investigation or impeachment action can take place with a Republican majority. 2018 is our chance to change that. For the sake of our nation, and indeed the world, we can’t afford to lose this opportunity.


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