Another Saturday morning and another week of Trump-created chaos behind us. Iran, North Korea, Tillerson, the NFL, birth control, healthcare, Russian election tampering, Trump/Russian collusion, historic gun violence/gun control, and taxes are just the tip of the iceberg. The rest of this monstrous iceberg is the complete and total incompetence of Trump and his band of malcontents and their inability to deal effectively with any of these issues. Congress’ paralysis is but one example of what is occurring throughout government. It is clear that Trump is moving to fulfill Bannon’s vision of the deconstruction of the administrative state. This belief, that less government is better, has lead to the rush towards deregulation and the hollowing-out of executive departments. In line with this the requirements of international business dictate American foreign policy as a strong military protects American interests. Government exists to protect business interests, not citizen interests. Our democracy has turned into a plutocracy dominated by the Trump Family Grifters.


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