PIVOT –  dream on.  BECOME PRESIDENTIAL –  in your dreams.  A STRONG CHEIF OF STAFF WILL CONTROL HIM –  been great so far. HE IS ONLY SAYING THOSE THINGS TO FEED HIS BASE – they will always demand to be fed and he will happily feed them. LET’S BE CLEAR THE GUY IS SIMPLY A TERRIBLY FLAWED INDIVIDUAL AND IT’S NOT GOING TO GET BETTER.  But the obviously flawed one isn’t our only problem.  HIS NUMBER TWO- THE CLEAN UNFLAWED AND HONEST ONE IS NO BETTER.  Let’s first remember that he applied for the job.  This was after all of his leader’s flaws had been on frequent display.  Yet he still felt that he wanted to align himself with the likes of this grifter.  This tells us a great deal in and of itself. But there is much more.  During his time as Governor of Indiana he saw fit to push through his legislature the most egregious anti-gay law in the country.  In addition, his record on abortion, equal pay, immigration, voting rights, gun control and fiscal policy should be enough to scare anyone who is alive and has a discerning mind.  His ideology is far right and obviously his ethics follow the path of pragmatism.  He was the head of the transition team when the damaging information about Flynn came out, yet he did not object to his appointment.  He even allowed himself to be made the victim of a lie to oust Flynn, though it was untrue.  His silence and his quiet support of this administration’s current activity speaks volumes about his lack of character and his hunger for power and position.  Though he would like to present himself as the behind-the-scenes worker bee, the fact is that he is well aware and actively in support of all that the “orange man” is doing.  IT IS CLEAR THAT RIDDING OURSELVES OF JUST THE “ORANGE MAN” IS INADEQUATE, BOTH HE AND THE HIS UNPURE NUMBER TWO MUST GO AS WELL.

There is no doubt in my mind that as information slowly finds its way into the public domain Pence will be implicated in the unholy activities of the Trump Campaign and Administration.  While at this moment he seems almost invisible most of the time, it is clear to him that in order to stay in the good graces of his master, he must do what he is told.  Combined with what we know of his own ideology and political behavior, he is unfit to hold the office of president. Well, that raises the question as to who is next in line if Pence is knocked out in what will surely be a far-reaching and damaging scandal.   The Constitution is clear, the next in line is the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.    While in many ways he is no better than Pence, I do believe that he respects the Constitution and the institutions of government.   He is a conservative and certainly holds views that are contrary to mine.  But I don’t believe that he will be destructive and oblivious to the responsibilities of governance and our role in the world.

To many that I speak to it seems that the process in the Senate and the House and the Mueller Investigation are taking too long.  Many of us are running out of patience as we continue to witness the damage that Trump is doing to the nation and are position in the world.  Yet, in this case patience is truly a virtue.  Mueller in particular is a professional who is doing his job with great attention to detail and creating a case that will be irrefutable.  BUT LET’S BE CLEAR, WE NEED TO RID OURSELVES OF  BOTH TRUMP AND PENCE.


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