Dear Mr.& Mrs. Trump, About Your Son Donald

Dear  Mr. & Mrs. Trump,

First again, on behalf of the entire faculty, staff and Board, I want to thank you for your very generous donation. The new library will be a wonderful addition to our campus.

We are very pleased to have your son Donald in our second grade.  He is very bright and displays enormous potential.   As with each student, our teaching team reviews their progress regularly.  It is our policy to share any concerns raised by our team with our student’s parents.

Donald has displayed some behavior over the past several months that has our teaching team concerned.  Specifically Donald seems to have a very short attention span, appears to be very self-centered and lacks interest in learning new things.  He has trouble with the truth and changes the facts to suit him.   He also  displays an attitude that rules don’t apply to him. He belittles and verbally bullies those who disagree with him and is particularly cruel to those of a different race. He regularly attempts to assume leadership of his fellow students though he doesn’t have their respect.  As you can imagine, Donald’s behavior is disruptive and disturbing to his fellow students.

However, more importantly, we bring these concerns to your attention because we are convinced that if remedial action is not taken now, these behavioral traits will become a permenant part of Donald’s personality.

Please call so that we can set up an opportunity to discuss these issues in person.


Sylvia Blackwell, Head Master


It is obvious that despite warnings from professionals, remedial action was not taken.  Little Donald Trump became Big Donald Trump and while he grew physically,  he clearly did not grow emotionally.  Our president is Little Donald Trump in Big Donald Trump’s body.  Let’s take a few moments to examine how this manifests itself in the behavior of our president.

Donald Trump told us on many occasions throughout the campaign that he and he alone can fix all that is wrong with Washington and the world.  He was immediately going to make sure that Congress repealed and replaced the Affordable Care Act, the wall was going to be built to protect us from the influx of illegal immigrants and Mexico was going to pay for it.  He was going to create an enormous number of jobs, particularly in industries that had lost many jobs due to plants moving out of the country.  He has tried to lead without success.  Those he is trying to lead don’t respect him or trust him.  His attempts to control the press and accuse reporters of disseminating “fake news” brings into question his ability to deal with and understand the truth.  Mr. Trump has regularly verbally abused those on his staff, in Congress and in the press who dared to disagree with him.  His abuse has sometimes bordered on racism, xenophobia and homophobia.  His clumsiness on the international stage reflects his lack of preparation and short attention span.  His shoot from the hip responses to consequential events both domestically and internationally are reflective of his lack of desire to learn new things.  His refusal to remove himself from any conflicts of interest related to his business is reflective of his attitude that rules don’t apply to him.  His refusal to understand the critical importance of our international alliances and decision to exit the Paris Climate Accords is a sign of ignorance and narcissism.  Little Donald is running our country.

Finally, in order to truly understand the behavior of Big Donald we need to be constantly aware of his need for self-gratification in the form of wealth. For this reason he has become the leader of The Trump Family Grifters.  Nothing matters more than the self-enrichment and the protection of all family members. Little Donald is a problem in school, Big Donald is a problem for the world.


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