The Trump Family Grifters

It goes without saying that comparing the Trump Presidency to any in the past is an exercise in the absurd.  His behavior, and that of his administration, is without precedent.  While certainly there is much to be dissatisfied with regarding his lack of accomplishments both nationally and internationally, that is the least of it.  HIs inability to effectively lead this nation or indeed the international community is truly worrisome. While the office of  the President comes with stature, history, authority and power, they must be used wisely or be squandered.  As a nation, we have always been  willing to give a new president time to become used to his surroundings and the levers of power.  We have been slow to judge harshly, allowing for missteps.  After all, our president is only human and elected by the people, not a monarch designated by a holy order. Therefore, our president must, over time, earn the respect of the people he has been elected to lead. Donald J. Trump has not only not earned our respect, he has earned our extreme dislike and disdain.  This is a man with no redeeming qualities.  He is the leader of The Trump Family Grifters. He and his children are focused on only one thing, personal gain and profit.

If we view the behavior of The Trump Family Grifters over a backdrop of personal gain above all, it explains much.  Why else would there be a total disregard for law, veracity, precedent, history, security or for fellow citizen well-being? We have often noted that Trump is a narcissist lacking any moral compass.  These are key personal character traits required for success in the world of grifters. He and his children continue to prove this point.  While they allow some in their sphere to believe that they have influence and will be listened to, they are only being played for expedience.  Many have learned the hard way that Trump will pull the rug out from under them within moments if it meets his needs. Trump’s only loyalty is to himself and his children.  His only allegiance is to The Trump Family Grifters.  His alliances are momentary and single-purposed.  It has been noted by many around him that his beliefs and ideology are transient. This is because he has no core beliefs, save his own enrichment.  The truth is fungible and facts are whatever he says they are at the moment. Self-enrichment is the only goal.

On the international stage Trump cares little for the respect of his fellow leaders.  They are only of use to him if they represent interests that will enrich him.  International alliances are useful only as long as they protect HIS interests.  Note that I am not saying our national interests, but rather HIS interests.  He cares little for our security, however he cares much about the security of his properties and future profitable opportunities.  We know for example that there has been much effort put into the construction of a Trump Tower in Russia.  It is also clear that Trump and his family views Putin and the Russian oligarchs as a potential source of profit.  Political collusion, in the interests of economic profit is not wrong in the eyes of The Trump Family Grifters.  The fact is that when they say that they are doing nothing wrong and that their meetings were innocent they are providing us with a window into their belief system.  They exist in a world without values or ethics.  Their behavior is not a  mystery.  Attack anyone or anything that is a threat and play anything or anyone that can enhance personal profit.  Welcome to the world of The Trump Family Grifters.

Four years of this is beyond my tolerance.  We must do everything we can to shorten his tenure and bring honestly , integrity and truth back to the White House.


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