Trump, Donald J: Employment Probation -Failed

As many of you, I have been on both sides of the desk regarding employment probation.  As a new hire I could be on probation for 3 to 6 months before receiving permanent status.  As an administrator I would be asked to assess the appropriateness of a new hire for  permanent status after a designated probationary period.  Obviously there are always specific questions that need to be answered in order to come to an appropriate conclusion.  First, does the new employee understand and accept the basic mission and values of the company?  Second, is his behavior and self-presentation in concert with the mores and standards of the company?  We also need to assess his skill sets and determine whether or not they meet the needs of his job description.  It is also important to evaluate his ability to work well with his colleagues both in and out of his department.    As his position requires that he work in alliance and cooperation with sister companies, we must determine his ability to lead where appropriate and move in concert when necessary.  The position also requires that the employee work in cooperation with supporting services within the community as well as within the company.  These often include the press, the courts and the legislature.  The other areas for evaluation are very subjective.  We need to assess work habits and the ability and willingness to learn new things.  We need to determine whether his temperament is in tune with the demands and expectations of the position.  Finally, we need to determine whether he is an honest person with sound judgement.  Obviously I have always expected that any new employee, serious about attaining permanent status, will make every effort to put his best foot forward during this probationary period.  It has always been clear to me that if the worker is not cutting it during this period, it is a mistake to expect things to change given more time.  We must face the hard and terrible truth that Mr. Trump has failed his probation and he will not get any better as time goes on.  In fact, it is more likely that he will get worse.

In virtually every area that is normally evaluated, Trump fails miserably.  He is not viewed as a dependable or knowledgeable partner by either Congress or our international  allies.  He is renowned for his lack of preparation, preferring to trust his instincts and wing it.  His temperament is the antithesis of thoughtful leadership.  His impulsive rhetoric, both verbal and in tweets, is often contrary to stated administration policy.  While he views himself as an expert negotiator, this skill set does not appear to be easily transferable to the world of government and international affairs.  Mr. Trump’s lack of a moral compass is particularly troubling as he is expected to present himself as the moral authority of our nation.  Trump’s need to denigrate, diminish or eliminate all those he sees as a threat, the courts, the press, or an FBI Director, is very dangerous. His sometime relationship with the truth has weakened his presidency and our relationships around the world.  What is particularly concerning is that the untrue statements and assertions are most often demonstrably untrue.  He obviously perceives the truth as fungible to be utilized as a tool to fit his particular narrative.  We can often tell much about the character and values of person based on those with whom he surrounds himself.  In this area he has chosen sycophants, often with disturbing agendas.   Any illusions people may have about Trump growing into the job or changing for the better should by now become disillusions. If anything,  his behavior seems to be getting worse and worse.

It is time to do everything we can to fire Trump, Donald J.  While the past 5 1/2 months have already been exhausting, we must find new energy and continue to aggravate and agitate.  Our Congressmen and Senators must not be allowed to sleep peacefully.  We must demand to be heard and most importantly, listened to.  We must pressure Mueller to expedite his investigation and layout, in undeniable facts, the crimes and misdemeanors of this president.  This is not a time to be tired, it is a time for us to re-energize.


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