Our Primary Responsibility Is To Be The Guardians Of Our Democracy

If ever there was a time to stay informed of and engaged in the political process it is now. This is not the time to allow the emotional and intellectual fatigue created by the long and arduous electoral process to take hold. Never has the rhetoric of a candidate for the American Presidency displayed such ignorance of and disregard for the basic tenants of  our democracy.  This has resulted in a cacophony of statements from throughout the political spectrum voicing concern for the future of America. Now that he has become the president-elect we must listen to that rhetoric with seriousness through a prism of cynicism and monitor his actions with skepticism. We, the people, have a responsibility to not trust in his government, until we verify.

This is not a time for passivity.  America has been confronted for the first time with a president that is demonstrably racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and narcissistic.  This is compounded with a history of questionable business ethics, a short fuse and a total lack of experience in the workings of government and the world of diplomacy and international relations.  Finally, while governance is a team sport, Trump is clearly not a team player.

Anyone who believes that President Trump will be any different from candidate Trump is living in a dream world.  This is a man who has played by his own rules all of his life and will not allow a little thing like the Constitution to block his way.  We must make it very clear that “we the people” will not allow him to get away with that.  Trump has a long history  of abusing and corrupting laws to his own benefit.  He has acted with total disregard to how his actions would impact on the lives of others.  This does not bode well for what has always been a nation of laws.  We must react vociferously to any attempt to abuse his power. This is a man who clearly lives in physiological  world in which he is the center of the universe and all revolves around his needs.  He has made it clear that he views the US as the center of the universe and that all else revolves around us.  This will not be received well by our allies and will jeopardize our alliances and current agreements with other nations.  Obviously it places our national security at risk and we cannot allow that.  We must be vocal and active about our place and role in the world and make it clear that neither xenophobia nor racism may contribute to those decisions. In short, we must be vigilant and prepared to react to any action taken by this president that challenges the integrity of our Constitution, infringes on the rights of any citizen or jeopardizes our national security.

Trump’s partners in governance will be the Republican Senate and House.  We must remember that this is the party that gave birth to Trump and all he stands for. The GOP worked every day to obstruct the Obama Presidency and reach out to the most extreme segments of America.  With potential control of the Supreme Court the Republicans will be in a very dangerous position of power.  This threatening trio cannot be taken lightly.  While the Republican Party has regularly used the Constitution to support its positions, they are also the quickest to ignore and corrupt the Constitution to support their positions.  The danger to our democracy is clear and present.

Don’t be soothed by the conciliatory words being uttered today.  The next four years will present an unprecedented  challenge to our democracy.  We must accept the active role as caretakers of that democracy for the sake of our children and grandchildren.


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