The Poison Of Trump

There is nothing like spending a day knocking on doors in the middle class neighborhoods of Las Vegas to provide some perspective. People were gracious, courteous and appreciative. Aside from the one Trump supporter who slammed the door in our face the day was pretty uneventful. What I did realize is that while the election is of interest and even consequence to most of the people with whom we came into contact, the more immediate demands of their lives would kick in, and the events of Tuesday will be only background noise in their day. I began to understand that even those who attend a Trump rally are for the most part only going to a “rock concert”. They are there to be entertained and listen to Trump deliver some of his more outlandish comments. This isn’t to say that they are not Trump supporters. Just that for the most part they’re not the rabid crazies we have come to love to hate. While knocking on doors helps you to understand that for most Americans Tuesday will turn to Wednesday without much fanfare, it doesn’t diminish the reality of this election cycle’s consequences.

The last 15 months have exposed a festering sore on the body of America. While there were hints before, those things that divide us seem to be more pronounced now, than those that bring us together. If this sounds like a contradiction to what I wrote above, it really isn’t. People for the most part don’t participate actively in political or social advocacy. We are only aware of their attitudes because the election has magnified them and forced them under a spotlight. It is a fact that in their minds, for the most part, governance is what happens to them. It is not something in which they actually participate. Therefore their “the world goes on” attitude about the election fits their reality. That is what is dangerous.  
In the case of the tens of millions of Trump supporters, their passive acceptance, coupled with their propensity to perceive themselves as victims, is fertile ground to continue to foment hate.

It is clear then, that without a concerted effort to lance the sore and rid the infection, it will remain a festering wound on our nation. Be assured that Trump and his followers, in and out of government, will do everything they can to throw salt at the wound. Healing it will require a concerted and persistent effort by us all. Hillary’s leadership and our active support is the only antidote to the poison called Trump.


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