Trump Island…Sick And Delusional

When we were kids we all found ourselves in situations that required the we be on our best behavior. When you’re young and have little patience for sitting still and only responding to comments or questions directed at you it’s really hard.  If only you could just get up and move around and say whatever comes to your mind and stop looking like you’re happy and enjoying yourself.  But even as children we understand that there are times and circumstances that require decorum and civility.  We learn much of this from our parents and the rest from our schools.  Yet, we also know that there are those who just never learn these lessons.  They perceive themselves as the center of the universe, can’t sit still and what they have to say is more important than anything that anybody else can possible say.  Donald Trump’s behavior at last night’s debate was that of a narcissistic, ill-mannered and fidgety child.  And he thinks he is qualified to be our president?

The manifestations of his physical behavior were quite disturbing as he interrupted the moderators and Hillary,  walked, stalked, sulked, and smirked all the way.  But his obvious lack of intellectual discipline is even more disturbing.  His responses were either convoluted and ill-informed, or extreme, based on a reality that is both frightening and illusory.  When asked about the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo he responded by changing the location to Mosul. Not only was this a change of cities, it was a change of countries.  His attempts to implicate Hillary with her husband’s sexual indiscretions was a play from the old sexist handbook.  If the husband was playing around it must be because he wasn’t being satisfied at home.  His attempt to write off the remarks he made on Friday’s tape as “lockerroom talk” is contemptible.  He described behavior in which he sexually assaulted women.  Perhaps in his world this kind of behavior is appropriate.  The fact that he wasn’t running for president at the time of the conversation does not mitigate the reality of his mindset.  If you still think that way at age 59, why should anybody believe that you have changed at age 70?  Perhaps his most disturbing remark was the threat to put Hillary in jail if he is elected.  This kind of thinking is straight out of the dictators guide.  It is no wonder that he has voiced admiration for some of our modern day’s most strident dictators.  He has shown himself to be intellectually lazy, emotionally immature and unable to focus.  And he thinks he is qualified to be our president?

The Republicans were jumping ship all weekend.  The predictions were that this debate would be even more horrible than the last one.  Upon first glance he seemed to be performing better this time.  But as the minutes wore on he was less and less able to contain himself.  He was just as that little boy who couldn’t sit quietly and behave any longer.  He stalked and barked and interrupted and scowled.  Equally as important his words were filled with anger and illusion and factual misrepresentations.  As with many emotionally ill individuals,  on the surface they seem to be ok.  However, upon closer examination the illness is still very much in evidence.  Thus, while Trump provided great joy to his base of deplorables, he instilled great fear into all other Republicans.  And he thinks he is qualified to be our president?


Trump and his deplorables  still live in the world of make-believe.  On their sick and delusional island they believe that they will win and that the Republican Party  is a hinderance not a necessary ally.  The Republican leadership has given up the possibility of winning the presidential election and is now focused on saving their senate and house majorities.  However, they will receive no sympathy from this corner.  They have been cultivating and feeding the earth to grow a Trump for over a decade.  They have nourished the soil and ignored the sick and dangerous viruses that began to become visible throughout this process.  The Republican Party deserves to die along with its vicious virus so that the health and dignity of the two-party system can once again flourish in this country.


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