And Trump The Sovereign Called And They Rallied

And so it was on that 16th day in June in the year 2015 that the Sovereign Trump came down from his tower, his lady Melania at his side, and began to speak with great passion of his desire to expand his sovereignty beyond the borders of the Trump Organization to include all of America.  

It became clear on that day, as he stood before the cameras, that this candidate would be like none the nation had experienced in the past.  It was not only that he lacked both the knowledge and experience that would ordinarily prepare an individual to seek this hallowed position, but the devisive nature of the words he chose to announce his availability.  They were not words that conveyed hope and security but rather hate and fear.  His words did not seek to unify the people but rather divide them.  

And it was on that day in June in the year 2015 that these words were received with joy and vigor by those segments in American society that viewed the world through the same warped lens as that used by the Sovereign Trump.  They heard his call and rallied in cities across America.  There was great rejoicing in the land of hate for a leader had come forth to lead the country and fulfill their vision.  He would make America pure again and rid it of all who didn’t support their sacred values.  

And so it was on the 19th day of July in the year 2016 that their greatest dream came true.  A leader in whom they could believe became the nominee for President of the Republican Party, one of the two major American political parties.

Not only is the  basket that Hillary Clinton spoke of filled with the most deplorable segments of American society, but they are powered by and empower the Trump campaign.   He is not only holding the handle, but he is nourishing it with fertilizer and water regularly.  This basket didn’t fill by chance.   Trump rallied them with his words and welcomed them with his bluster.  He has given voice to the most radical and dangerous in America.  He has legitimized their cause and empowered them.  He has corrupted the Republican Party and molded it into an instrument of bigotry encased in isolationism, bluster and self-interest, all protected in a lining of narcissism and duplicity.

He has cleverly deflected his potential vulnerabilities by projecting them onto his opposing candidate.  While he dishonestly accuses Hillary of not sharing financial and health information, he has refused to make any such information available. While he continues to question her physical and mental strength, he does no more or less on the campaign trail than she.  While he accuses Hillary of dishonesty in “pay for play” gimmicks, he refuses to acknowledge that is precisely what he did with the Florida Attorney General.  While he makes accusations about the Clinton Foundation, he refuses to acknowledge the non-charitable nature of his own foundation.  His bluster about the way in which he would handle America’s affairs around the world are a direct response to the reality that Hillary served with grace, dignity and effectiveness as our Secretary of State.  National security experts from both parties have voiced great concern about a potential Trump presidency.  Perhaps, however, he has played this card to its limit.  It appears that there are some significant investigations that are underway regarding his business practices, Trump University and the Trump Foundation.  It is high time this duplicitous opportunist is publicly investigated and that his lack ethics and basic honesty  be exposed for all to see.  Those who continue to hail him as their leader are merely reflecting his lack of character.

On November 8th we all need to insure that the likes of Donald Trump and his band of misfits are sent into electoral disgrace and oblivion. The results of this election must be a statement to the world that the character and values of the America they have come to know throughout our history are strong and incorruptible.


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