He’s Betting On Your Ignorance

Self-confidence is a character trait we all try to instill in our children.  A healthy ego enables us to withstand life’s challenges.  A realistic worldview provides us with the perspective to understand the events that occur around us everyday.  Respect for those we come into contact with through work and play regardless of their particular uniqueness is something we are taught as children.  When any of these learned behaviors and traits are underdeveloped a person may face a variety of difficulties in life.  When all of them are out of whack you come up with Donald J. Trump.  He is a man whose ego and self-confidence are disproportionately large when compared to his lack of a realistic worldview and  respect for individuals regardless of their particular uniqueness.  This is the flawed character that is telling us that he would be a great president.

I will acknowledge that perceiving yourself as a President of the United States does require a sizable ego.  Most of us wouldn’t even whisper that possibility to ourselves.  However, if the strength of the other traits noted above is as strong and large as the ego, it provides the kind of balance necessary for leadership.  If, however, as in Trump’s case the ego is so large that it dwarfs the other characteristics, we end up with a very unbalanced person, a person who believes that only he has the answers and only he can see the truth.  This imbalance tends to cause a person to listen only to those who reinforce his own views and criticize all  those who challenge his opinion.  He belittles all who dare to question his statements and embraces those who are willing to praise his ideas and agree with his worldview.  He surrounds himself with sycophants so that he is never challenged and is never required to question his own opinion. The unfortunate reality is that these deficiences  describe and define Donald J. Trump perfectly.

While Trump has continually promised us that he will “Make America Great” his pronouncements are sorely lacking in detail.  When challenged to provide such detail he sidesteps and simply again tells us that it will be the greatest.  He enjoys utilizing superlatives while being purposely vague about the particulars. Additionally he has pronounced that he knows better than the generals about how to rid the world of ISIS and better than our professional negotiators how to create trade agreements with our trading partners.  He has told us that those who are in office today are stupid and that he admires Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un.  He admires their ability to get things done and control those who would threaten them.  He simply wants us to trust him.  We don’t have to know the details, he’ll take care of us.  It should give us pause to note that those he most admires on the world stage are ruthless dictators.

He is depending on us to be really stupid.  That is why he “loves the poorly educated”.  It is a fact that many of those who support Trump say that they are not concerned about what he says, they just like the way he says it.  They have confidence in him because he reflects his own self-confidence.  They really believe he will get things done and that he will “make America great again”.

As many demagogues before him, Trump is depending on your ignorance and blind trust.  Listening to him speak and answer questions at a press conference yesterday morning simply reinforced my perceptions of him.  He is an egomaniac who lowers his level of discourse to that of a third grader by calling his opponents names.  He is a bully who will try to detect any weakness in an individual and then amplify it to degrade that person.  He is an ignoramus who isn’t smart enough to be aware of how deficient his knowledge is.  His ability to conceptualize is limited to black and white; there is no nuance and no depth. He is incredibly dangerous to our nation and to the world.  We must defeat him soundly so that others of his ilk think twice before they try to tell us how great they are and lead us into hell.


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