Trump: Every Conspiracy Theorist’s Dream

The GOP Convention now in its third day has been anything but boring.  From the initial attempted uprising on the floor during the passage of the platform and rules to the uproar over Melania’s speech accusing her of plagiarism, it hasn’t gone exactly as the Trump people planned.  While we can laugh off the events so far, we can’t laugh off the overpowering theme that has run through the convention hall.  The most extreme rhetoric I can remember hearing at any convention is pervasive.

The response to Chris Christie’s speech with the crowd roaring “lock her up” should not be taken lightly.  The constant description of the system as “rigged” by Trump feeds the fury.  The description of Hillary as “Crooked Hillary” also by Trump, reinforces the accusations of dishonesty.  The buzz around the convention has been that Hillary and her husband Bill are guilty of murdering Vince Foster and should stand trial.  They are also insisting that Hillary is guilty of treason related to her emails and that she should stand trial for treason.  In speech after speech the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate has been vilified and demonized.

Calling for the trial and execution of a presidential candidate of the other party isn’t exactly typical behavior even in the most partisan of political years.  This behavior, reinforced by Trump and his cohorts, has stepped well beyond any boundary that has ever existed.  Throughout the convention, thus far, the rhetoric has been negative.  All of the speakers have either railed against the Obama Administration or screamed untrue accusations about Hillary.  There has yet to be a positive policy statement by any speaker.  It is clear that Trump views the Party’s National Convention through a very different prism than any other candidate in history.  He views it as just another entity to bend to his needs and desires.  He is extremely manipulative and using the convention to achieve his goals irregardless of the consequyences to either the Party or our two-party system.  His behavioir is extremely dangerous and unprecedented. It typafies the cynacism and arrogance he has dispalyed throughout the primary process.

Trump and his sleazy band of surrogates has begun to create a narrative that is perhaps the most dangerous to ever come out of a convention.  His convention strategy has not been to sell the electorate on a positive set of proposals or policies.  Rather it has been to demonize Hillary to the point that even if she should win the election, her election will be viewed as illegitimate.  By telling us time after time that the system is rigged, he delegitimizes the election and any result that does not lead to his presidency.  He is questioning the legitimacy of our democratic system.  He is saying that the only way “Crooked Hillary” can win the election is if it is rigged.

Donald Trump is validating  every right-wing conspiracy.  He is telling all of the extremists out there that they are right.  The system is rigged and it is rigged against them  He is saying that the other candidate is guilty of rigging the system against them.  She is a criminal along with her husband and all of others connected to them.  Chris Christie stood before the Convention and said that Hillary was guilty and should be behind bars.  Did they realize that they are awakening a very dangerous sleeping giant? The militias in this country have been growing and are waiting for just the right encouragement to attack.

Donald Trump is perhaps the most dangerous presidential candidate to ever seek this high office.  His narcissistic opportunism endangers our democracy and places all of us in danger.


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