Hillary’s Carelessness V. Trump’s Intent

This post is not meant  to serve as some kind of rationale or excuse for Hillary’s behavior regarding her use of emails during her tenure as Secretary of State.  She was incredibly careless and deserves to be called-out and reprimanded for her actions.  In his concluding statement FBI Director Comey stated clearly and emphatically that while this behavior was extremely careless it did not cross the threshold of an indictable offense.  It is not at all surprising, however, that the Republicans are “shocked” at this conclusion and will do everything possible to exacerbate the issue including calling the FBI Director and Attorney General to testify before a Congressional Committee.  No doubt it is an issue that will follow her throughout the campaign.  However, the Republicans best move with caution as they navigate the waters of accusation and questionable behavior as the murky waters are about to rise and swallow them up.

It is almost laughable that the Republicans act with such shock and offense at Hillary’s victimless carelessness while they support a candidate that has behaved with complete disregard as to how his actions will impact on the lives of others.  While Trump has broken no laws that I am aware of, his business practices are simply an extension of his opportunistic narcissistic  personality.   His only consideration in a business decision is whether it will be good for him.  He has shown callous disregard for how his decisions will impact on the lives or businesses of others.  He uses bankruptcy as a business strategy caring not at all that he is leaving his vendors out in the cold.  He spent a half million dollars in a campaign to prevent the service workers in his Vegas hotel from unionizing.  He has a long list of failed businesses, yet each time he has come out with a profit while those who provided a service or product ended up losing.  His Trump University is currently being investigated by the New York State Attorney for fraud.  Reality has little to do with Trump’s narrative.  To listen to him you would think he was the most successful businessman to ever walk this earth.  He sprinkles superlatives like salt on food.  And the descriptions are all about what HE has done or what HE will do.  He lives in a world of allies and enemies.  If you buy into his narrative and support him you are an ally.  If you question anything or challenge his narrative you are an enemy.  His most trusted advisor is himself. Even when it is clear that he lacks the knowledge or expertise to make the proper decision his extreme narcissism prevents him from seeking advice. The thought of having this kind of narsasistic personality reside in the Oval Office is beyond concerning.

The Republican Party is thrusting a nightmare upon America.  They do so knowingly and without regard for the ultimate impact on our nation.  They have assumed the same ethics and behavior in politics that Trump has displayed in business.  While a few of the Republican leadership have shown concern and in fact have clearly stated that they won’t vote for Trump, almost all others have fallen in line and will support this marginal personality as their candidate. This unconscionable behavior is beyond careless.  They are supporting a man who admires the fact that Saddam Husain was able to execute his enemies without a trial.  A man who has been ambiguous at best with regard to racism and anti-Semitism.  A man who tends to lump people into groups rather than appreciating individuality.  Trump, the man they support has shown himself to lack intellectual vigor or desire to learn.  If he does as President what he has done in business, America will be disrespected  and reviled by the community of nations.

Certainly the Republicans will use the Hillary email issue as long as they can in the hope that it will somehow hide the reality of who and what their candidate is.   We must call them on this action and make sure we vote to teach them a lesson they will not soon forget.  Presenting a candidate for the highest office in the land isn’t a game, it isn’t a strategy, it is real life and impacts on people the world over.


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