Let’s Make The “Experts” Right For A Change

Now they’ve done it!  Despite all of their half-hearted but full-throated attempts to block the Trump nomination, he is now the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for the office of President of the United States.  It is pointless to again point out that they have been preparing the field for his nomination for more than a decade.  We all know that.  It is also pointless to discuss the fact that there is an obvious gap between the attitudes and values of the Republican base and the Republican Establishment.  These two facts have been obvious to anyone observing the evolution of the Republican party and its base as they lurched in a rightward direction.  There will be plenty of time after the November election for the pontificators, analyzers and “experts” to explain to us why it all happened the way it did.  But we have a major problem to deal with right now!  We have to make sure that the”experts” are right for a change.

I am as aware as you that the national polls are currently showing Hillary with a 7 to 12 point lead over Trump.  I am also aware that Trump’s path to victory is quite difficult according to the “experts”.  But the “experts”also said this guy couldn’t possibly win the nomination.  The fact is that he has continued to confound the “experts” every step of the way.  Every time he made an extreme comment during the primary season the prognosticators solemnly predicted the end of his candidacy.   As it became clear that he was headed toward victory in the primary process these same prognosticators predicted that he would begin to tow the line and be more rhetorically cautious and behave in a more presidential manner.  Yet, each day since becoming the presumptive nominee, he has effectively shown the “experts” to be wrong once again.   Not only has he not shed his hyperbolic bluster, he has doubled down on many of his most extreme comments.  Recently he also made it clear that he really didn’t need the Republican Party to team with him in order to become victorious.  He said that he was sure that he would do very well without them.  He has shown himself to not only be dangerously and frighteningly narcissistic, but somewhat delusional as well.  He and his rally crowds have a symbiotic relationship.  They truly believe what each other is saying and feed off of it. This creates a very insular reality that engenders delusions of grandeur and invulnerability.  It doesn’t take a psychiatrist to see that this guy is not emotionally healthy.

Hillary has rightly said in recent comments that Trump is not temperamentally fit to serve as President.  It is also clear that he is not prepared by virtue of his experience or education.  His nomination is an aberration that may turn into an unimaginably disastrous Presidency.  When his supporters are questioned about why they support him they say that they like his no-nonsense approach.  He presents himself to be a tough guy who will in some mysterious way make everyone do what he says.  However, in reality he is the loudmouthed bully from down the street.  Trump has forced anyone who disagreed with him out of the picture.  He has had protesters physically thrown out of his rallies.  He has revoked press credentials from reporters with whom he disagreed.  He has verbally abused all contenders who dared to oppose him.  He is simply lacking the finesse and political awareness to assume the leadership of our country.

Our job is very simple.  We must do everything in our power to make the “experts” right for a change.  We cannot allow Donald Trump to become President of the United States.  The Republicans have failed to present a viable and reasonable candidate.  Let’s make them pay for their mistake up and down every ballot in every state.


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