“I Trust In The Wisdom Of the American People”. Really! Why?

How many times have you seen a pompous politician stand before the cameras and claim something like in the end he trusts in the wisdom of the American people? Is he kidding?  You mean he trusts in the folks who gave us Nixon, Reagan, both Bushes, Viet Nam and Iraq?  You mean he trusts in the folks who continue to fight against abortion rights and voting rights?   Anyone aware of American history would question the wisdom of the American people.  It is a history replete with examples of poor decisions and a body politic that moved forward only after  long struggles against change.  Is it wisdom that supports laws discriminatory to blacks, gays, women and immigrants?  Is it wisdom that allows for subpar education in many of our states and subpar healthcare around our country? What is the wisdom behind repressive voting laws and fighting against an increase in the minimum wage?  Is it wisdom that puts a gun in the hands of anyone who can pay for a license while requiring anyone who wants to drive a car to pass a written and driving test ?  Is it a show of wisdom that only 65% of us take the time to vote and that’s considered a good turnout?  Is it with wisdom that we elect people to take care of us and trust that they will do what’s best for us?  Yet an alarming number of us can’t even name those who were elected. They can’t name their senator or congressman and some can’t even name the Vice President.  Now that’s what I call blind trust but certainly not wisdom. It is a fact that those elected once will likely be reelected. This is the “wisdom” of incumbency,  not really.   Could this pompous blowhard possibly mean that he trusts in those who cheer with great enthusiasm Trump’s plan to deport 12 million Latinos, build a wall and prevent all Muslims from entering our country? If he really trusts in them, his trust is sorely misplaced.

In fact, it is not our fellow countrymen’s wisdom at all that these snake oil salesmen are trusting.  Just as their predecessors of yesteryear, traveling in wagons selling their wares across the country, they are depending on a low-level of information and a high level of gullibility.  The Republican primary season has crowned the “king of snake oil salesmen”.  He staked out his claim, targeted his consumers, and successfully sold away.  Much to the chagrin of his many competitors he was able to encroach on their territory and ultimately  conquer it.  He is now able to legitimately claim to be king of all of the Republican lands.  But in order for him to achieve harmony throughout the land all must accept his brand of snake oil.  Harmony, after all, can only be achieved if it is perceived as beneficial by all of the parties involved.  It has taken a little time for some of the participants to embrace the results,  cast out their anger and disappointment and get back to acting on pure self-interest.  For it is a fact that a divided party, one out of harmony, will  place every member in danger.  And so it is,  that as anger turned to acceptance the king’s brand of snake oil was passed from member to member and each has taken an accepting gulp of the slimy, greasy green stuff.   Once again, self-interest has obliterated wisdom.

The Republican are working hard to rally around Trump.  They are working hard to energize the base and push for a victory in November.  They will reconstitute that snake oil in any way they have to make it palatable.  While it may taste a little different, it will be exactly the same at its core.  The Republican Party has been “Trumped”.  They will be a force to be reckoned with.  What will the Democrats do to prevent us all from having to drink that slimy, greasy green stuff?  Can they come up with a sweet concoction of true wisdom?


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