Congratulations to the NRA

What a proud time for those defenders of liberty and our precious 2nd Amendment.  Once again freedom rings out along with the scream of gun fire. Three years ago the mood in the country seemed to be changing.  The 2nd Amendment patriots were threatened as cries from throughout our nation demanded action after the brutal killings of innocent children at Sandy Hook.  But those persistent NRA leaders worked tirelessly as they threatened senators and congressmen who were leaning against them and showered those who promised to stand strong with them money to insure reelection.  Their hard work paid off then and has continued to bring success during the three years since that gallant effort.  Just to show you how successful they have been I want to share a little statistic with you.  During this year, 2015, we have now passed through 334 days during which we have experienced 351 mass shootings here in “the proud of our 2nd Amendment” nation of America.  No other industrialized nation in the world can boast of statistics remotely close to ours.  How proud we should feel.



How is it that we have allowed our safety and security to be held hostage by the likes of the NRA and their supporters?  We are willing to allow our Constitutional rights to be compromised for security from international terrorism.  Yet, when it comes to the terrorism that rains on us from our own home-grown nuts, we demand that the 2nd Amendment stand pure.  What is so tragic is the fact that there hasn’t been a single law proposed that would in any way compromise the 2nd Amendment.  Most of those who hold it as some kind of shield have probably never read it and certainly couldn’t quote it.  Those leaders of the NRA  and other gun rights organizations who know well what it says have used it cynically to dishonestly protect their own selfish interests and of course the gun industry.  They depend on the blind support of the uneducated and ill-informed to carry their banner.  As for those politicians and opinion leaders who threaten to leave the fold, they are faced with the prospect of political defeat and job loss.

While it is true that Democrats are less at fault than Republicans, it is, in fact, a bipartisan issue.  Just take note at how Bernie Sanders has danced around this issue.  Imagine that even when one of their own, Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, was shot they couldn’t get up enough backbone to pass legislation.  The Senate and the House have failed to act in the interests of the American people year after year.  Unfortunately, the American people have had the ability to forget about this when they go to the polls.   Opinion poll after opinion poll shows that over 80% of Americans are in favor of some kind of universal clearing house for gun purchase.  They are in favor of plugging the loopholes in gun purchase laws.  Yet, unbelievably the NRA continues to successfully block any effort to achieve this goal.  They are determined to be really good at what they do, even if it kills us.

Today’s shootings in San Bernardino will be forgotten in just a few days.  It will be yesterday’s news by tomorrow.  Unfortunately its memory will be replaced by the next mass shooting.  Based on the data cited above it will not take long.  If we allow this cycle of death to continue unabated we have no one to blame but ourselves.  Guns kill people all over our country every day.  Their availability is criminal.  For a change let’s interpret the 2nd Amendment the way it was intended.  As strange as it may seem, it was written to protect us from tyranny.  What is more tyrannical than the NRA enabling people to kills us?



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