To The GOP The Truth is Fungible

As children we were taught that to lie was an offense punishable by the severest consequences.  To be labeled among our peers as “a liar” would likely doom you to social ostracism.  In our Judeo-Christian culture lying is an offense against the Ninth Commandment of the Ten Commandments. Our legal system has codified the importance of truth by creating laws against perjury and fraud.  It is clear that in the American code of behavior truth is held in great reverence.  Whether in the secular or the religious world lying is viewed as unacceptable.  Yet, despite these widely held beliefs, the GOP has seen fit to lie.  They appear to believe that if they say it, it is true.

In the face of undeniable evidence they persist in lies about a variety of topics.  I  will bring Benghazi to the forefront as example number one.  Even after a party leader acknowledged the raw political motivation for creating the committee and pursuing fabricated accusations, they continued to deny their lies and dishonesty.  Obamacare has provided healthcare to millions who would not otherwise be able to afford it and has effected the slowest increase in healthcare costs in decades. Yet the Republicans continue to ignore these truths, calling it an abject failure, and demanding the repeal of this lifesaving legislation though it has been proven to be successful.  In poll after poll the American public has shown its desire for universal background checks of potential gun purchasers.  Yet the GOP denies this overwhelming need and turns the argument towards an erosion of 2nd Amendment rights.  They lie about the results of such legislation and the potential erosion of rights.  The GOP continues to decry the weakness and failure of the Obama economic policies, calling out the lack of job creation though millions of jobs have been created.    The fact is that the weakest job creation presidencies have been Republican, while Democratic presidencies have historically strengthened the economy and created many millions more jobs.  They conveniently forget the basis of the crash of 2008.  They discuss the defunding of womens’ health care in terms of protecting women and the infringement of voting rights as an effort to prevent fraud.  In both cases the facts simply don’t support their claims.  They ignore the clear and irrefutable evidence regarding the human impact on climate change, endangering the futures of our children and grandchildren.  They constantly raise the argument that raising the minimum wage will end up costing jobs rather than raising the quality of life of the millions of workers impacted by such an increase.  The numbers have consistently proven these claims to be wrong.

GOP Pinnocceo

As we listen to the rhetoric pouring out of the mouths of the 2016 presidential candidates it is clear that the pattern set by the GOP over the past 7 years has been adopted.  It is quite frightening to think that they actually believe their own words.  They paint a picture of an America that is economically crumbling, socially decadent and internationally weak.  Aside from the skewed and convenient view that they present, to think that any of them is actually capable of solving any of these perceived problems is laughable. At the top of the heap is the bombastic showman Donald Trump who would take Putin out back of the barn and knock some sense in to him.  Then we have Ben Carson whose self-promoting autobiography has enough holes in it to sink the Titanic.  Following  these two scary front-runners we have the even scarier serious and experienced candidates who have shown their leanings through their actions in the Senate.  In all cases their rhetoric is based on false assumptions and outright lies.

The Republican party of yesterday has been hijacked and corrupted.  It used to be a party of ethics and truth.  Now it is a party where the truth is a sometime thing.  The Republican establishment has been beaten and dishonored.  Let’s make sure that the current gang of “leaders” is beaten and dishonored.  We need a Republican Party where once again the truth is not fungible.


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