Those Who Call Themselves “Politicians” Will Never Work On Behalf Of Our Interests

We have heard every excuse in the book.  We have heard every reason imaginable for preventing the passage of a universal gun registration law.  Yet, we still haven’t heard the honest reason.  It is a tragic truth that the senators and congressman are afraid of offending the NRA.  They aren’t afraid of offending the millions of people in America who have been impacted by gun violence.  They aren’t afraid of the millions of Americans who support a universal gun registration law.  But rather, they are afraid of offending the small oligarchical leadership of the NRA.  How is it that this organization has such incredible power over our legislators?  How is it that the will of this organization is of greater import than the will of millions of Americans?

I believe the answer is in the character of those we select to represent us in Washington D.C.  Any student of American History is aware that serving as a Congressman or Senator was never intended to be a career.  It was seen as a pure opportunity for selfless public service for a time-limited period. Unfortunately, the evolution of this concept has brought us a selfish, self-serving and spineless group of individuals called “politicians” who seek to spend their entire career in Washington D.C.  Their goal is not to serve the public, but rather to serve their own needs for reelection.  Whatever it takes and whomever they have to please, they will do it to be reelected.  It is a fact that from their first day in office they are planning for and raising money for their reelection.  These are individuals who have neither their constituents’ nor their nation’s best interests at heart.  The only interests they represent are those who provide the financial and electoral support necessary for their reelection.  The problem for America is that we have allowed a group of individuals who call themselves “politicians” to evolve, and as with any individual, self-survival is the priority.

backroom deal making

The NRA is simply lobby backed by many wealthy and influential individuals. Their role is not really ideological, though it is often cast that way, but rather to protect the interests gun manufacturers.  It is not about the Constitution, but rather about money and power.  A Senator or Congressman who goes against the will of the NRA does so at the risk of losing their next election.  There is nothing subtle about it. The NRA ranks the lawmakers and provides financial and organizational support to those who represent their interests.  Those who rank low find that a primary opponent suddenly appears and their reelection is placed in jeopardy.

We are all well aware that in the real world we all must make compromises in our careers and our lives.  It is the strength of our character and our values that dictate just how much and what we are willing to compromise.  We would like to think that those we elect to represent us have our best interests at heart and the integrity to represent those interests with honor.  Certainly I’m painting with a broad brush as I describe the House and the Senate.  There are a few honest men and women who do work hard on our behalf.  But, unfortunately,  these are the exception rather than the rule.  Most of them are self-serving weasels who throw our interests under the bus to guarantee their reelection.

Too often we forget who is in control and who is in charge.  Politicians are very good at making us think that they really know what’s best for us and what should be done.  The fact is they only know what’s best for them, they don’t care about what’s best for us.  As long as we have individuals called “politicians”, there will be a disconnect between what is good for the country and their constituents and what is good for them.  Let’s remind them at the polls who is in charge and what they have to do for us to remain our representative.


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