Why Is The Right-Wing So Secretive About The Real Reasons Behind Its Actions?

Remember that dreaded high school senior term paper?  It was the final barrier between school and a great post-graduation summer.  The assignment came right after winter break  and it was clear that it needed to be a research paper complete with footnotes and an extensive bibliography.  It was going to require some serious work just at the moment that senioritis was kicking in full blast.  The objective of the assignment was to create a hypothesis and then go about providing the proof in your paper.  However, it seemed that the best way to go about this was to simply find resources that provided support for your hypnosis while ignoring any material that raised questions or challenged it.  In other words come up with an idea and simply prove it with facts that were either valid or invalid as long as they were written somewhere.  The right-wing of the GOP has never forgotten this high school method of creating facts where they don’t exist.  This is how they have dealt with Planned Parenthood, Benghazi, Immigration, Same-sex Marriage, Gun Control and Voting Rights.

The echo chamber within which they live has actually provided them with the opportunity to quote each other as proof of their “fact”.  It makes no difference on what the original statement was based, as long as it was written or stated somewhere, it has validity in the eyes of the right-wing and thus proves the point.  For example, the so-called “damning videos” supposedly proving that Planned Parenthood was in the business of selling body parts of aborted babies have been debunked by impartial experts and shown to have been edited by those who proclaim them to be evidence.  Yet everyday those who are seeking to defund and defame Planned Parenthood use them as evidence.  The extraordinary  statements  regarding immigration made by Donald Trump and his 16 apostles in the GOP Presidential sweepstakes have been proven to be wrong, yet the statements continue.  The accusations made regarding Benghazi have been found fallacious by several Congressional committees, yet the accusations go on.  The so-called fraud that new and restrictive voting laws are supposedly protecting us against has been statistically proven to not exist,  yet the actions to restrict voting continues.  The echo chamber continues to create its own truth even when it is a lie.

right wing rally

Certainly there are those who claim that there is nothing dishonest taking place.  It is just that there are two sides to the issue and they disagree.  But, in fact, the reality is quite different.  Certainly there are two sides to any issue.  However, that only works when both sides are dealing with the same set of facts, but simply viewing them through their own life experience and value laden screens.  For example, one can argue on the one hand that same-sex marriage does nothing to damage the institution of marriage and should be legal.  Yet, on the other hand, viewing it through a strictly fundamentalist religious perspective it is quite damaging to the institution of marriage.  They are dealing with the same facts coming at it from two different places.  While I can disagree, I can understand the basis of the fundamentalist argument.  Yet on the other issues mentioned, the facts are nonexistent, they are fabricated yet stated as truth.  Planned Parenthood doesn’t sell aborted babies’ body parts, all illegal immigrants aren’t criminals, and voter fraud is virtually nonexistent.    A more honest approach from the right-wing would be to simply say what they believe.  They are against Planned Parenthood because they don’t think that the government should be funding healthcare for underserved women. They are against illegal immigration because they are concerned with the browning of America.  They want to limit access to the  voting booth because they know that they are losing the demographic fight.  These arguments may be despicable in the eyes of many, but they are honest.

The right-wing goes to a lot of trouble to camouflage the true reasons for its actions.  If they really believe that they represent the majority opinion, why aren’t they honest?  If they are steadfast and proud of their beliefs, why do they hide them?  Why do they choose lies over truth?  Is it because they know that the majority would be appalled by their truth, yet the right-wing believes it knows better?  We know where that leads.


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