Is It Time For Radio Free America?

When we were young children our parents controlled the narrative of our lives.  As we got older influences on that narrative were broadened by friends, teachers and media. Try as they did, our parents were never again able to control the narratives that influenced our lives.  It became the screen through which we saw the world and informed our values, behavior and our attitudes.  As adults we find ourselves the target of an endless array of information coming at us through our tv’s, radios, smartphones, movies, music, billboards, newspapers, books and magazines.  How we receive that information and how we interpret it is determined by that narrative molded over years starting with our childhood.  If over the years, those who have had the greatest impact on our narrative were devotees of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, the odds are that any news that we hear will be informed by that narrative.  The unfortunate reality is that Fox News,Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of the right-wing entertainment complex has become the dominant influence among those who have an inclination to inform themselves.  What is most troubling is that these people are unaware that right-wing media peddles nothing more than faceless misinformation and propaganda.

For example, shortly after taking control of the Senate Mitch McConnell stated that the Republicans were responsible for the economic recovery the nation is experiencing.  All of these years the GOP has been attempting to block any program requested by the Obama administration directed towards economic recovery and they have the chutzpah to take credit for the recovery despite that obstruction.  The GOP has been attempting to suppress voting rights in dozens of states ostensibly to prevent voter fraud.  There is virtually no voter fraud on record in any of those states.  There have been endless attempts to eliminate abortion rights to protect the rights of women.  Are they trying to protect women from their inability to make the right choice?  They have been saying for years that an increase in the minimum wage will hurt the economy and will cost jobs, yet all objective analysis proves the opposite.  The GOP has attempted to paint Obama as soft on national security, but the reality is just the opposite.  The list of GOP efforts to obfuscate and simply misstate the facts is endless.  The problem is that they are winning the narrative.  Statements that we know are untrue are being accepted as fact.  We can celebrate our few victories over the past couple of years.  There has been a shift in the American attitude  towards gay marriage and the legalization of Marijuana.  However, the election of 2014 was a disaster because the right-wing narrative won the day and the moderates and progressives sat on their couches.


It is time for the right-wing narrative to be overpowered by truth and fact.  It is time for Radio Free America.  There needs to be an aggressive media campaign to bring the narrative back from the brink.    We have allowed the right-wing to control it long enough.  The Democrats need to meet falsehood with indisputable fact not just at campaign time, but all of the time.  Waiting for the campaign is too late.  We have an incredibly ill-informed and apathetic electorate.  The Democrats must begin to energize and inform the electorate today. They most stop playing it safe and begin to challenge those who are doing our nation a terrible disservice and making a mockery out of our democracy.  The challenge at hand is to develop the program, structures and methods to penetrate the wall of misinformation.


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