Okay, We Know What You’re Against, But What Are You For?

Remember that kid in the group you hung with who was against any suggestion anybody made?  You know, you’re sitting around trying to decide what to do over the upcoming weekend and no matter what anybody suggests, he’s against it.  However, when you ask him what he suggests for the weekend,  he has no ideas.  It seems that the merit of the idea has nothing to do with his reaction, but rather from whom the idea originated. Sound familiar?  When we were kids we simply began to ignore that dissenting opinion because we understood that it had no merit.  Why is it then, that voters continue to validate that behavior in their congressman or senator when they wouldn’t do it for that kid?  We are well aware of what the GOP is against, but what are they for?

We know for example that they are against the Affordable Care Act and have tried to repeal all or part of it over 40 times.  We know that they are against immigration reform.  It is not surprising then that though a bipartisan group in the senate has passed a comprehensive immigration bill, GOP leadership in the House has refused to bring it to a vote.  We are aware that they are against any form of gun control, though they say that we have to do more for mental health to make sure that those who are mentally ill don’t use guns to hurt people. They are against voter fraud, yet they support voting restrictions based on fraudulent claims.  They restrict womens’ access to abortion and other forms of healthcare while they profess to be concerned about the quality of  healthcare for women.  They speak fervently about the need for adequate security around our embassies abroad, yet reduce funding for that very security.  They are against marriage equality and equal pay for equal work.  They are against an increase in the minimum wage and regulations that will acknowledge and react to the reality of climate change.  They are against changing the tax code to close off the advantages to big business and the wealthy.  They are against funding for sorely needed infrastructure improvement and job training.  They are against the Common Core education curriculum and government regulation in areas such as consumer protection and product safety.  I’m sure that there are negative positions taken by the GOP I have not included, but this is a pretty impressive list, don’t you think?

Now let’s see what they are in favor of.  They are in favor of restrictive voting laws to protect us against the voter fraud that has been proven not to exist.  They are in favor of repealing the Affordable Care Act, yet have nothing to replace it with to assure the availability of quality healthcare for all.  They support the freedom of all to own and carry weapons at will, though they abhor lawlessness and violence in our cities and our schools.  They are quick to call for American intervention and “boots on the ground”,  yet they are appalled at the treatment of our returning war veterans as they are prepared to create more.  They are in favor of an increase of good paying jobs yet they are opposed to an increase in the minimum wage.  They support the need for a strong American economy composed of well-trained and educated workers able to compete successfully in today’s world economy, while they underfund and disrespect science and technical education.  They are supportive of strong family values as long as they meet their criteria of what a family is.   They are in favor of tax reform as long as that reform does not impose an increased burden on the wealthy or corporate America.


It is clear to me. What they are for, I am against and what they are against, I am for.  I have no doubt that this country will suffer greatly if the GOP takes control of the senate and increases its control in the house.  I believe that the environment, the economy, individual freedom, education, our role in the world and our quality of life will all suffer.  Finally, I believe that government will become even more dysfunctional than it is now if that’s possible.  If you agree with me you know what to do.  You and everyone you know must get out to vote.  The election is less than four weeks away.  Let’s make it an election that sends a clear signal to the GOP.


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