Are You Willing To Join This Class-Action Suit?

Whereas John Boehner is the duly elected Speaker of the House of Representatives,
Whereas the majority party in the House, the Republican Party, with its duly elected leadership controls all legislative and committee activity,
Whereas that leadership has systematically, purposefully and cynically prevented legislative action on:

The national budget
Immigration reform
Gun control
Unemployment insurance
Equal pay
Climate control
Infrastructure repair and retention
Marriage equality
Equal protection under the law

while pushing committee hearings on faux scandals, expending valuable resources.

In that this inaction has caused the People both economic and emotional hardship, We the People find that John Boehner and the House leadership have failed to fulfill their Constitutional Obligations for which we hold them libel for damages.

Dear supporter,

This is only a draft. I am not an attorney, only an angry American. We need help to make this suit a reality so that we can have an impact on what is happening in D.C. If you are an attorney, please offer your assistance, pro bono, to write and file this suit properly. If you are just an angry American like me, tell me that you are willing to be a part of this class-action suit. Numbers count and the more persons we can attach to the suit, the more impact it will have. Write me back in the comments, and recommend this piece so that more people will see it. Join me to make the Republicans pay and help America work again.


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