Instant Gratification And The Downfall Of The GOP

When I was a kid my parents, just like your parents, felt that one of their most important jobs was to make sure that I considered the long-term consequences of my actions.  They tried to teach me to take the long view and not just look at the  good feeling that immediate gratification would provide. Of course, when I was young it was the decision to buy that model airplane now, and not have enough of my allowance left to go to the movies with my friends.  As I got older it was working hard to get that grade in trigonometry, so that I would maintain the GPA necessary to get into the college of my choice.  While I didn’t appreciate these lessons when I was young, as I got older I began to understand their worth.  I began to understand that a mature person is able to understand and evaluate the consequences of his actions over time, while those who lack maturity are simply seeking  instant gratification with no regard to how it will impact them or those around them tomorrow.  This is the difference between perceiving the world through the narrow view of a micro lens and perceiving it through the broader view of a macro lens.

The Republican autopsy performed after the 2012 election was the act of a mature group, attempting to understand their actions and the changing world around them, in order to impact on the future.  It was a mature and appropriate action.  It was an attempt to view the world through that macro lens.  However, everything the GOP has done since has reverted back to the  immature need for instant gratification without regard for their future or the future of those they serve.  It is the world as perceived through that narrow and limiting micro lens.

GOP Ostrich
GOP Ostrich (Photo credit: stormbear)

The GOP has become a party of reaction rather than action.  They have become a party of destroyers rather than builders.  They have become negative rather than positive.  The Republicans have done everything possible to obstruct any constructive move attempted by the Democrats.  Whether the issue is healthcare or immigration, gun control or equal employment protection for all, the GOP has blocked any constructive action.  Yet, despite their opposition to any proposal presented by the Democrats, they have yet to offer any solution or proposal of their own.  They enable the immature Tea Party faction to achieve instant gratification by saying “no”.  Yet, at the same time they allow this group of “nay sayers” to overrule any effort to propose anything constructive.   As the GOP continues to enable the Tea Party, they are destroying their own party while they continue to do damage to the entire nation.  We keep hearing that there is a civil war going on within the GOP.  If that is so, it is time for maturity and rationality to defeat the children of the Tea Party.

The 2014 election can have a profound impact on both the GOP and the rest of the country.  It may be an off-year election, but it will impact greatly on 2016 and beyond.  It is time for the GOP to grow up and learn to view the world through the macro lens rather than the micro lens.


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  1. This talk of maturity is yet another example of reasoned hyperbole. It is like reverse engineering or even reinventing the wheel and it is always, always blamed on rich white republicans. The liberal faction and I share quite a few commonalties but where we diverge is this kind of sensationalism that depicts all conservatives as mean spirited. Oh and hateful.
    Talking about pale white girl as in another blog is disrespectful. It is the same kind of crap that Ismus uttered on his show. I can’t stand him anyway. His name calling disparaged young ladies and was an insult to them and hurtful to their parents.
    When Republicans deprive the poor for food stamps, social security or unemployment insurance I am disgusted. When democrats vote to increase their pay while taking away from retired veterans some who list limbs, that is filthy and immoral. So let’s stop with stereotypes of all kinds.
    When I was in the service a white girl from Louisiana was dropping the N Bomb regularly and I testified against her. If she were a guy, I would have punched that person. My friend Willie, Cesar and myself and a few others were told to shut up. That was racism. Covering for her misbehavior and threatening us.
    My friend Willie who was black was killed by a car in a hit and run on base. I miss him so much and to hear rhetoric of this sort is just not acceptable.
    …. from other side. Meteorologist Larry Olson

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