Let’s Get Real!

Let’s get real.  Remember that expression?  For
those of you who can’t quite place it,  what it means is let’s
cut the nonsense, the posturing and the self-serving rhetoric.
 It’s time someone said that to the GOP about their continues
and relentless badgering of the Affordable Care Act.  There
isn’t anybody in the Obama Administration who is happy with the
events of the past 5 weeks.  But listening to the statements
coming out of the Republicans,  you feel as though our entire
existence is teetering on the edge of oblivion.  It is time to
place this into some kind of perspective and stop their
self-serving nonsense.  Oh, I almost forgot, these days that
is the definition of politics. In  order to place this ACA
“rollout” into perspective you just need to compare it to another
“rollout” during the Bush Administration.  This was a rollout
that in the end, because of incredible errors in judgement, hubris,
stubbornness, inter-agency fighting and stupidity cost thousands of
Iraqi and American lives and trillions of American tax dollars.
 And after all of that unconscionable cost Iraq is still an
incredible mess.  I won’t even discuss our nation’s longest
war still being fought in Afghanistan, because at least attacking
that country was a rational response to 9/11.  But Iraq was a
war without reason that was sold to America and the world by a
duplicitous and arrogant President and his administration.
 Why has this same GOP, with all of its tireless complaining
about the ACA never acknowledged the unconscionable mistake of

A bar graph
showing the complete US fatalities...
A bar graph showing the
complete US fatalities from Operation Iraqi Freedom by month, from
beginning to end. Based on this Google Chart API graph, with
further editing in Photoshop. The red months are pre-troop surge,
the orange months are post-troop surge, and the blue months are
under Obama. There are no labels on the X-axis because Google Chart
API did not allow me to add them properly. If anyone would like to
add them it would help. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am so
tired of listening to these self-righteous characters complain,
accuse and ridicule without ever suggesting a constructive
alternative.  It is easier to destroy than to build.
 While the GOP stands fast in support of big insurance, they
show little concern for the healthcare needs of the average
American.  They will jump to the podium with grave concern
about any issue raised as this historic law is implemented, but
make no mistake, their mask of concern is merely covering the joy
they feel for themselves and those big business interests they
serve.  Where was their concern when individuals were losing
their insurance at the whim of an insurer?  Where was their
concern when seriously ill Americans suddenly found that the cheap
insurance they had been told would protect them was suddenly
inadequate?   Where was their concern for the millions of
Americans that had to declare bankruptcy because their insurance
didn’t provide necessary coverage? Let’s get real.  If they
have a problem with what the ACA provides, come up with a better
plan or ways to improve the current law.  Otherwise, just stop
complaining and take your medicine.


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