The Haunted House The GOP Built

As the days get shorter and chillier we know that fall is here and that means that Halloween can’t be too far off.  One of the things I remember about Halloween is a haunted house that used to pop up in our neighborhood each year.  As I think back to what used to happen in there, I remember that it was dark and all of my senses seemed to be attacked at once.  There was so much going on that It was hard to distinguish one attack from the other, I just knew that it was scary.  Of course, after the fact, we were all brave and knew that the slimy stuff was pasta and all of the rest was just make-believe as well.  But at the moment we weren’t too sure.  In a lot of ways, what is going on in our country right now feels very much like being in the haunted house.

We are being assaulted by so much every day, that it is hard to comprehend and distinguish one attack from another.  It seems that at least once a week we hear about a horrible shooting in a school or work place.  We are constantly hearing about the dysfunction of our government.  The unemployment numbers while improving are still too high.  Housing prices are improving, but not fast enough.  The GOP threatens to do whatever it takes to end Obamacare, and we know what that meant just a couple of weeks ago.  There is always another country in turmoil as the Neocons demand that we intervene.  We know that our educational system is not succeeding, but conservatives want to keep reducing its funding and teach from the world of anti-science.  We know that there is climate change, yet the conservatives deny that any of it is a result of human activity.  Voting rights and abortion rights are in jeopardy.  This is, indeed, a haunted house here in our own country.

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween (Photo credit: Professor Bop)

The question we need to ask is who is sponsoring this haunted house?  Who has built this structure that seems intent on reversing knowledge, ignoring problems and placing barriers in front of any potential solutions?  There is only one group that is culpable for what we are confronting.  Yes, you guessed it, it is the GOP.  We often talk about the Tea Party, but let us not forget, this is a case of the tail, the Tea Party, wagging the dog, the GOP.  If ever there was any doubt, the events of the past couple of weeks should put those doubts to rest.

We have lived in this haunted house long enough.  They are not wearing masks.  What we see is who they are.  If we don’t want to live in perpetual Halloween, we need to send them packing.  We will have that opportunity in 2014. Let’s not blow it.


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