It Is Time To Confront The Tea Party

It is hard for me to believe that as I write this blog post we are in the 10th day of the government shutdown and only a week away from a debt ceiling catastrophe. By now tens of thousands of words have been written describing and dissecting this despicable circumstance. Tens of thousands of words have been spoken on radio, television, around the water cooler, around the dinner table and in the halls of government about the unfathomable behavior of the anointed few who believe they, and none others, see the light that will guide America to greatness.  It is this group of just a few that continues to pursue its goals with a messianic zeal that has paralyzed the Speaker of the House and his minions.

The Dominoes of Default
The Dominoes of Default (Photo credit: Third Way)

However, as we all sit and watch this drama play itself out, incredible damage is being done to both our nation and the way we are perceived in the world, and to the lives of individuals.  I don’t have to go through the litany of services that have been shut down and how they have impacted on real lives.  If you were not aware of these facts, you wouldn’t be reading my blog post.  Suffice it to say that we are not dealing with inconvenience but rather real life and death issues.  While most of us have not yet been touched directly by the shutdown, there are many who are facing horrific circumstances as a few radicals in the House drink their tea and smack their lips in self-satisfaction.

If we are not feeling the impact of the actions of the tea party yet, watch what happens when the debt ceiling increase is not approved.  That is when it will get very personal for millions of seniors depending on Social Security and Medicare.  That is when the value of our retirement funds will plummet and when our nation,  the anchor of the world economy, will be responsible for throwing the world economy into chaos.  The true impact of such action is not yet understood, because it has been unthinkable up until now.  But this sick and delusional gang of tea drinkers in the House has assured us that such an action will not be damaging at all.  I know that makes me feel better.

Remember “duck and cover”?  This isn’t the time for that.  That is when you see an impending disaster coming and  you are powerless to do anything but protect yourself.  If we are willing to sit by and allow this self-centered and selfish group of “true believers” destroy our nation and our lives because of our sense of  civility and order, they will win, because they have no respect for any of that.  Mr. President, the Constitution gives you the authority to do what is necessary to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic.  It is time for you to act, for if they are not domestic enemies I don’t know who is.


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