How Dare They!

As I sit down to write this blog post I am at a loss.  I am finding it hard to believe that our nation is moving closer each day to an Economic Armageddon, and our elected representatives are behaving as if it is all about them.  Have they forgotten why they were elected?  Have they forgotten their oath of office?  Are they so afraid of losing their next election that they are willing to risk the economic security of our entire nation?  How dare they!

It obviously would not shock you to know that I am referring to the GOP.  Their behavior is despicable.  They are threatening to shut down the government and destroy the credit of our country if they are not given their way.  They say that it is Obama who is threatening to shut down the government because he isn’t willing to agree to their demands.  That’s like saying the hostage brought about his own death because he wouldn’t make the police go away.  Do they think that we are all stupid and unaware?  Obviously they do.

I am not only appalled at the behavior of the GOP.  I am appalled at the lack of outrage and awareness of our people.  Most people view this as just another game being played out in Washington.  They are sure that it will be resolved at the last moment and nothing bad will happen.  After all, that is what has happened each time in the past.  Well, I am afraid that this time is different.  The prison is under the control of the inmates and they are looking to burn the place down.

GOP Ostrich
GOP Ostrich (Photo credit: stormbear)

While I join you in the hope that cooler heads will prevail, I have no reason to believe in that hope.  The leadership vacuum in the GOP has allowed ideology to rise as king, while compromise and pragmatism are lost in the battle.  We are just beginning to move out of an economic catastrophe that impacted all of us.  If a CR and an increase in the debt ceiling are not approved within the prescribed time-frame, our last economic catastrophe will seem like child’s play.  As I complete this blog post I am angry because I see no movement to avert this disaster.


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