It’s Time For The GOP To Move To The Fringe

when the living is easy”. GOP town meetings are held, and the
hyperbole is high. The supporters are rich, and the candidate is
good-looking. But hush Democrats, it again will be the GOP’s time
to cry

I hum that tune as I watch the GOP
paint themselves back into a right-wing corner. All of the talk of
becoming more inclusive after the losses of 2012 has obviously
fallen on deaf ears and is being completely discarded. We see this
happening both nationally and locally. Nationally there seems to be
little chance that an immigration bill will make it through
congress. This was discussed as a vital link to an improved
relationship with the Latino community. The efforts of such GOP
notables as McCain and Rubio in the senate have met with disdain
and disclaimer by house Republicans. A recent vote in the house
approving a bill that would limit abortions to 20 weeks is a low
point in the GOP effort to reach out to another key constituency,
women. This along with the many restrictive abortion bills being
passed on the state level by GOP-controlled legislators, feeds the
Democrats’ accusation of a “war on women”. As we move to the fervor
to limit voting rights so evident on the state level by these same
groups, it is clear that there are many reasons for anyone other
than white, middle-aged males to feel cast aside by the GOP. In
fact, there are two major streams of thought running through the
GOP intelligentsia (an oxymoron if ever there was one). First there
is the belief that the only reason they didn’t win in 2012 was that
they didn’t get enough white voters out to the polls. The second
stream of thought, related to the first, is that they didn’t
attract white support because their candidate wasn’t conservativei
enough. Based on what we hear coming out of the mouths of the GOP
at town meetings and other venues, it would appear that they are
buying into this brilliant thinking. My personal hope is that they
continue to alienate women, Latinos, Blacks, the LGBT community,
the young and the educated so that they can truly marginalize
themselves out of existence. I do believe in the need for two
viable parties for our system to work. But, I also believe that the
GOP has outlived its viability as part of that system. It is time
for it to move out to the fringe where it obviously belongs. We
need that birth of a new center/right party to take up the reins
and serve our system and our nation.


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