An Appalling Development

While I will write more broadly and extensively about our national slide to the right later in the week, I felt compelled today to briefly comment  about the Supreme Court ruling on the Voting Rights Act.

By excluding section 4 of the act, they are taking the heart out of it and we know it cannot live without a heart.  They are saying that Congress needs to update the law to accommodate the changes that have occurred since it was originally enacted in 1965.  I have no problem with the need to update the formula, but do they need to paralyze it until it is updated?  And let’s face it, the odds of congress getting their act together anytime soon to impact on this law are somewhere between nil and none.  And the Court knows that. 

The right of every citizen to vote is now in jeopardy.  It is up to “we the people” to make sure this basic democratic right is not taken from us.  By us, I mean anybody who is qualified to vote.  Remember, if it can be taken from anyone, it can be taken from you.  We are all in jeopardy!


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