Do We Deserve Accolades On Father’s Day?

IMG_0006As Father’s Day approaches I can’t help contemplating the kind of world my children and grandchildren are inheriting.  In two areas of national concern the GOP continues to show its true colors regardless of its superficial moves to disguise them.

First, in the area of abortion rights the drum beat goes on, and women are confronting fewer choices to exercise their right to an abortion than at any time since Roe v Wade.  As I have written many times, the action is at the state and local level.  As we think of our wives, daughters, and granddaughters, think about the world of fear and recrimination we are allowing to be created for them.

The second area impacting on the lives of our children and grandchildren is gun control.  As our frightened and intimidated little elected officials in Washington cower in the dark, trying to offend no one and do nothing, state legislatures are going to town.  Predictably in red states they are making every effort to hold off gun legislation.  And even when they show the good sense to do something right, they are cut off at the pass.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, and hear from our children and grandchildren that we are the greatest, let’s make sure that we do the things necessary to deserve those accolades.  Let’s try to make sure that the world becomes a healthier, safer and happier place.



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