Selfish Is As Selfish Does!

As with most young couples we knew, when my wife and I were first married, we needed to carefully budget what little money we had utilizing a priority system.  There were times when we would sacrifice a little to do or buy  something that we really wanted.  But you can only rationalize eating tuna casserole so many times.  The point is, however, that we were able to survive and have the necessary things by making rational decisions about how we spent our money.  No one told us that we had to cut a percentage of our spending across the board, impacting on each area equally.  Yet, that is exactly what the sequester is doing.

What is most interesting is that the very same people who are pushing these cuts are the ones who have equated the government budgetary problems with the way in which people budget at home.  How many times have we heard the intelligentsia of the Tea Party say, ” the government has to tighten its belt just as families do at home.”?  But at home we are free to make choices and cut rationally.  The sequester takes an ax and cuts without regard to its impact on the lives of Americans.  They would rather see Defense and social programs cuts than plug loop holes in the tax system impacting on the very rich and corporations.  Remember when the whole idea of the sequester was to create a program of such Draconian budget cuts, impacting equally on both the progressive and conservative sides that a compromise solution for the budget would surely be approved before these cuts took hold?  Surprise, our government has once again proven just how dysfunctional it really is. 

Oh, I forgot.  The sequester only continues to impact those with no power or prerogatives.  Remember last week just as Congress was about to go home (fly) for recess they approved a bill that would put the Air Traffic Controllers back to work and end the long lines and flight cancellations.  Self interest is a powerful motivator isn’t it?  Too bad these same “leaders” don’t have a need for Meals on Wheels, Head Start, Housing Assistance or any of the many social safety net programs that serve millions and are being cut because of the sequester. 

Congress continues to prove to us that they are small, self serving and selfish individuals who make a mockery of the term “public service”.  How long are we going to allow these Washington elitists to continue this kind of behavior without paying a price?  The election of 2014 will give us the opportunity to answer that question.


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