What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Do not attempt to adjust your set.  It seems that nothing that you do or say will have any impact on your reception.  If it seems that things are out of focus and that you are hearing things discussed that you thought were resolved decades ago, you are right.  If your thought issues such as contraception, voting rights and abortion were resolved in the 60’s and 70’s you are not wrong.  If you think that you are hearing a disconnect between  Republican governors and their party colleagues in the House of Representatives, you are right.  If you see the polls that tell you that the majority of Americans support stricter gun laws, are frightened, horrified and afraid of “sequestration” and support gay marriage, while your Congressional representatives are seemingly doing nothing to deal with and resolve these important issues, you are right.  It is not your set that is out of focus, it is our government. 

We have to ask ourselves, “what in the world is going on”?  How can their be such a wide chasm between what the people, best known for “we the people”, and those we have elected to lead us and resolve such important issues?  After all, who are they working for anyway?  Is it that we aren’t communicating our demands to them, or is it that they are just not listening? These are pertinent questions with somewhat complex answers  After all, we would like to think that our representatives are first and foremost responsible to those they represent.  But the question is, who do they represent?  Is it those who elected them, or is it those who provided the funds for their campaign?  Is it those who elected them, or those who are charged with the task of determining how they should vote based on an interpretation of an ideological position? Is it those who elected them, or is it those who can assist them in keeping a campaign promise to a narrow ideological principal?  Is it to those who elected them, or an effort to maintain a position that will avoid be “primaried” in the next election? The sad truth is that it is all of these.  All too often the position taken by our representatives has little to do with what is best for the country, their constituency or their party.  Most often they act out of fear in hopes of calming most of the waters that are seeking to drown them.  Their goal, from the time they win an election to the next election is to raise funds and support for reelection. 

There was a time when public service, as an elected official, inferred selfless dedication to the public good.  There was a time when such service attracted the “best and the brightest”.  There was a time when we had reason to respect our representatives, at all levels, and hold them in high esteem.  However, we have come to a point where we are more likely to hold them in contempt and low regard.  As their actions show a total disregard for the realities and challenges confronted by “we the people”, in favor of some nonsensical ideological tenant, they have earned our contempt.

Until “we the people” demand appropriate representation by voice, action and vote, we will be ill served by those we place in office.  We need to again make those positions worthy of respect and support.  Vote, write and demand your beliefs and your conscience. 


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