If You Provide Substance, The Performance Will Come

Last night’s second Presidential Debate was a quantum leap forward for President Obama.  He was energized and substantive and most importantly, he confronted Mr. Romney whenever he told an untruth.  This was the Obama that we were looking for in their first meeting, and we were glad to see him show up last night.  He provided substance and the performance came.

But last night’s debate provided some additional insight into the man who wants to replace President Obama.  There were two things that became clear last night.  First, he really does think that he is the smartest guy in the room.  His arrogance was on display front and center.  His answers were not only patronizing, but assumed ignorance.  He not only tried to “shine us on”, but he thought he could get away with incomplete answers or only answering the question he chose.  In addition, he very inappropriately showed little or no deference to the Office of the President.  While he may have fundamental disagreements with the President, a certain level of deference is still in order.  This speaks volumes about the way he might interact with other world leaders.   If you truly believe that you are the smartest guy in the room, you assume that everyone, in fact, should be deferential to you.

The next insight we had into the Romney personality was his reaction to not being shown that deference.  He did three things that typify a petulant child when he doesn’t get his way.  He inappropriately interrupted those who were speaking, he tried to bully, and he tried to use his physical presence to dominate.  When all three failed he became angry and that was quite visible on his face. The problem with Mr. Romney is that he has a rather imperial view of himself.  When you are in his world, and used to being the CEO, you expect to have your demands adhered to and never questioned.  Even if you’re not, you are made to believe that you are the smartest guy in the room.

Finally, one other thing has become obvious about this man who would become President.  He has no core beliefs.  He has changed his opinion on virtually every issue dependent on what he thinks you want to hear.  He has only one core belief and that is that he should become our next President.  He, in his own words, has no respect for 47% of us and feels that he is only obligated to the other 53%.  In truth, I think he believes his obligations are with the top 2%.  He neither knows nor understands anything about our lives, and frankly doesn’t want to.  He will never be the President of all the people.  He will listen to and represent only those with whom he feels a kinship, those in the top 2%. 

As we enter the last days of the Presidential Campaign, with only one debate left, It is hard for me to believe that there is anybody that is still undecided.  Those who are still undecided have not taken the time to make a decision, and probably never will. I suspect that they won’t take the time to vote either.  Your vote, regardless of where you are, counts.  Let’s keep the imperial Mr. Romney out of the White House, and keep Mr. Obama in.  Our future and the futures of our children and grandchildren depend on it. 


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