Mr. Romney Transparent isn’t Transparency

Mr. Romney, transparent isn’t transparency.  Transparency is when you release several years of tax returns or post a list of your donors.  Transparent is when you suddenly talk about serving the 100% after being caught on a tape dismissing 47% of Americans as undeserving, dependent leaches who lack ambition and drive.  You obviously consider yourself a member of the privileged class, the American aristocracy, who believe that they are entitled to live well and lead.  When you speak with disdain about entitlements, we should not confuse these comments with your sense of entitlement.  During the last several weeks, while your campaign has not exhibited transparency, you, in fact have become more transparent.

Mr. Romney, why do you want to become President of the United States?  Is it because you feel that, as a member of the privileged class, you are entitled to it?  Is it because  just as you felt you were entitled to an Ivy League education and the position of CEO of Bain Capital, this is a position that is due you?  In the years that you have been running for this office you have presented no reason to feel that you are deserving of this position.  Your beliefs are whatever the last person you spoke to says they should be.  Your depth of knowledge about the world is lacking.  Your appreciation for the struggles of the average American is non existent.  Your understanding of diplomacy and the power of the spoken word is lacking.  Your life experience is narrow and primarily focused on business. I ask you Mr. Romney, what qualifies you to be President of the United States?

It is true that some in the privileged class have seen public service as an obligation and have fulfilled this obligation with selflessness and pride.  I think of Kennedy and Roosevelt and even Bush.  But Mr. Romney you are not like any of these people, not even Mr. Bush.  I believe you are simply seeking to be president of the privileged fraternity to add another notch on your belt or feather in your cap.  Certainly, it will look good on your resume and guarantee a boost to your sons so that they can take their rightful places in the world of the privileged.  You are basically a self centered, selfish and shallow individual whose true character has become transparent over the past several months. 

In the tape released this past Monday, you were talking to your fraternity buddies at a meeting of the Fraternity of the Privileged and Selfish. You were telling them what you “believed” and certainly what they wanted to hear.  You will believe anything if they will let you become president of their fraternity.  After all, it isn’t president of all the people that you are running for, just your privileged fraternity brothers.  You will do their bidding for them, lower their taxes, remove pesky regulations, maybe even start another war, if they will just let you be president. 

However, over the past week, even your Republican supporters are jumping ship.  Your fraternity brothers are beginning to believe they made a mistake.  What’s more, you might even be beaten by a black man who is part of that unwashed 47%.  How humiliating.  I hope they are willing to let you back in the fraternity after the election.


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