Patriotic Platitudes and Bullying Bluster

As the nation was informed of the first violent death of an American Ambassador since 1978, Mitt Romney played what he saw as a political opening.  Even before all of the facts were in, Romney condemned the President for a lack of leadership and an unwillingness to stand for American values.  This kind of bluster is all too familiar to anyone who remembers the rhetoric of the Bush administration.  It is also familiar to any of us who listened to Romney’s convention speech.   It is the standard Neocon rhetoric.  It is the rhetoric and policy that got us into two wars.  It is the rhetoric that made the US an untrusted and disrespected ally around the world.

It is clear that Romney is an amateur in the world of foreign relations.  While he tried to take the offensive in the current situation, what he did was show his naivete and lack of experience.  This is extremely dangerous.  We had eight years of tough talk and what did it bring us?  What is more important is what it says about the Romney campaign and its’ need to charge into any perceived opening regardless of the potential consequences. He simply saw this as an opportunity for a political attack on the President.

The Romney campaign is becoming a campaign of desperation.  He is flailing and looking for anything that will provide him an opportunity to attack Obama. 
This misstep and inappropriate action by the Romney campaign should give us all pause and concern about how far out of his depth this candidate is.  The fact that he used this as an opportunity to divide rather than unite Americans in the midst of an international crisis is very telling. 

You can judge a candidate by those advisers he chooses to surround him.  They have shown themselves to be incompetent and ill informed.  A President must be prepared to respond to a crisis at any moment.  He must, by virtue of his own knowledge and experience and the knowledge and experience of those that advise him make the right move.  A mistake at a time like this is simply unacceptable.  Neither we nor our partners around the world can afford a Romney mistake.


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