The Emperor Has No Clothes

The way the Republican speakers and spokesmen pranced around the Republican Convention, you would think that they had the best ideas since white bread.  They spoke with the arrogance of people who think they know the answers and solutions to all that ails us.  They disparagingly spoke of President Obama as a nice guy who tried hard, but just wasn’t up to the task.  They held up Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as the saviors of America.  But as much as they tried, they just didn’t make the case.  Based on polling immediately after and since the convention, the American people just didn’t buy it.  

In fact, there were clues during the convention that even those who hold prominent positions in the Republican Party didn’t wholeheartedly buy into these candidates.  The two most prominent speakers other than the candidates, Christie and Rubio, seemed to be auditioning for the 2016 nomination.  Certainly, if they felt there would be a Republican incumbent they would have deferred those efforts for another four years.  Additionally, there were quite a number of significant Republicans that didn’t feel the need to attend this convention.  Neither of the George Bushes or Karl Rove were in attendance.  Neither was Dick Cheney.  Finally, there was a visible lack of energy or enthusiasm, pointed out interestingly by Chris Christie during his speech. 

What has been most disconcerting to both Democrats and many Republicans is Romney’s lack of specificity.  This obviously isn’t just a matter of style because since Ryan joined the campaign he has suffered from the same ailment. These candidates have refused, despite many opportunities, to provide any meat to the bones of their policy positions. As with his tax returns, he simply avoids providing anything more, despite cries from within his own party to do more.  Unlike with his income taxes, where we assume he is hiding something, in this case we are beginning to think that he is hiding the fact that there is nothing.  It appears that the “emperor has no clothes”.

Their last chance to disabuse us of this feeling is coming up on October 3rd.  The first debate which will deal with domestic issues such as the budget, Medicare, Obamacare, etc. will provide him with that all important perch from which to bestow his truths upon us.  My guess is that he won’t do it.  I have long believed that there is no “there” there, and it will become obvious on October 3rd.  It has been said,”you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time”.  Let’s make sure that Romney and Ryan don’t take the American people for fools and get away with it.  Vote and guarantee that the next four years will continue to improve the lives of the 98% and not just the 2%.


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