Now The Fun Begins

As the summer heat turns to autumn’s chill the Presidential campaign takes on a new urgency and importance.  With the Conventions around the corner the national awareness that important decisions are about to be made becomes more acute.  While some of us have been following this election cycle for a year or more, most Americans have been tuned out and oblivious to the machinations that will culminate in the conventions and election day.  The polling becomes more accurate as more Americans give thought to how they will exercise their right to vote.  While during the summer candidates have felt less compelled to be specific about their positions and the details of their programs, the fall campaign, with its debates, will require greater specificity.  This is where the fun begins.
The conventions will begin to more clearly define the ideology and positions of each party.  Each voter will need to determine which party they truly believe best represents them.  Of course that won’t be easy when you realize that you have to get through all of the noise and nonsense typical of the conventions.  But if you take the time to really cut through all of the silliness, the differences become stark.
The Republicans are clearly the party of the wealthy and the ignorant.  It believes that global warming is a myth, that we spend too much on education and that there is too much regulation.  They object to regulations in areas such as the environment, the banks, Wall Street and trade.  Anything that gets in the way of profits is bad.  All of this speaks to the needs of the wealthy.  Now let’s go onto the ignorant.  These are the folks who don’t believe that evolution is real and that individuals can choose not to be gay.  They are anti-science, don’t believe in global warming and believe in spending less on education.  Both the ignorant and the wealthy believe that government should simply get out of the way and let the markets control access to the quality of life.  This impacts on education, healthcare, housing, food safety and energy.  They believe that any war is good if it grows the Pentagon, the defense budget and that we should be the policemen of the world.
The Democrats are the party of the middle class and opportunity.  It is the party that supports innovation, education and entrepreneurship.  It is the party that cares about human rights, women’s rights and voting rights.  It is the party that understands that regulations in the areas of banking, Wall Street, food and drug production and the environment are necessary for financial and health security.  It is the party of the middle class and the aspirations of the individual.  It is not the party that worships profit, but rather opportunity made available through government programs.
However, most troubling is the blatant dishonesty of the Republican Party.  The lying that has been prevalent in the Romney ads during the past month create the most important contrast.  The very least we need to expect from our President is honesty. Be you a Democrat or a Republican can you support lying?   Romney is a man with no character.  For him to represent the people of this country as President would be a great insult to us all.


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