Our Paralysis Helps The Top 2%

The polarization in this country is becoming a debilitating disease.  A paralysis has set in preventing any movement towards real problem solving by the very institutions that are charged with that obligation.  Rather, the definition of action has become the ability to prevent action.  It has become a zero sum game in which in order for one side to win, the other has to lose.  The word compromise has become a dirty word in the halls of Congress.

The hostages to this polarization are numerous.  They include such disparate issues as taxation, abortion, immigration, gun control, health care, war and peace and gay marriage.  They are a mix of social and cultural issues as well as economic and ideological issues.  In the case of each of these issues hard lines have been drawn and there is no willingness for compromise.  While some of the social and cultural issues are being fought on both sides by individuals based on sincere and honestly held beliefs, I believe the economic issues are being fought by those on the right with the desire to maintain the status qua, providing the wealthiest 2% the best tax and regulatory situation they have ever had.  I may have significant disagreements with many on the issues of abortion, gay marriage etc.  But at least I know they are fighting for what they think is right.  However, when it comes to the economic issues we are seeing a group who is fighting out of the belief that they are entitled to their advantages.  They battle change out of sheer selfishness.  They have no willingness to pay more taxes, regardless of the struggles being faced by the middle class. 

The top 2% have found a willing dupe.  Romney will do or say whatever they demand as long as he gets their help in becoming President.  His own wealth provides him the guideposts and they will steer him in the right direction if he should accidentally veer off their designated pathway.  Anyone in the bottom 98% who believes that Romney will represent their best interests is sadly mistaken.  He will continue to do the bidding of the likes of the Koch brothers and Adelson and the rest if elected President so as to insure their support for reelection. 

In latter part of the 20th century, 60% of the members of the Senate were considered moderates, today, the last couple of moderates have announced their retirement.  The paralysis that grips our country is a dream come true for the conservative right wing and will continue to be to their advantage.  The Democrats must wake up and make sure that Obama is reelected and that the right wing Congress is held accountable for its inaction. 


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