A Liar For President?

We are now under 100 days to election day.  The national polls show a very tight race.  It is clear that while the lion’s share of voters have already made up their mind, the critical independents are still pondering their choices.  Of course we have heard a great deal about the battle ground states.  Those that, according to the polls and demographics, can go either way.  It is these states that each campaign bases its electoral strategy and hopes upon.  For that reason television and radio station owners in these states are getting rich from all of the campaign money being showered on ads.  Before the campaign is over, spending  records will be broken and the number of ads will have reached a saturation point.  However, regardless of who wins, there will be one major casualty, TRUTH.

The reality of decades of political advertising has been a twisting of the truth.  Campaigns will take an unflattering picture and caption it.  Campaigns will take a statement made at another time and bring it into current context.  Campaigns will stack facts to suit their narrative.  But never, in my memory, have I seen a campaign simply take whole sentences out of context and blatantly lie.  The Republican ads and speeches accusing small business owners of not building their businesses, has crossed the line.

I have often accused Romney of being an empty suit.  A man with no core beliefs or principals.  But, this behavior goes beyond what even I thought he would do.  For months now Romney has been molding his positions to meet the demands of the groups from whom he is seeking support.  While we can find this despicable and grossly political, it is not the first time we have seen this kind of behavior.  We have also seen Romney blunder both here and abroad whenever he goes “off script” and says something without going through the campaign filter.  While this does give us considerable cause for concern, both with regard to our relations overseas and the need to achieve success at home, he is not the first or only political figure to stumble in this way.  However, I am extremely concerned that he is running for the office of President of the United States, and he is a liar. 

I realize that this is a very strong accusation.  But his behavior is unfortunately proof of the validity of this accusation.  His words and carefully crafted omissions represent not only a lack of principal, but a total lack of character.  While we can’t always expect to agree with our President’s policy choices or ideology, we want at least to believe that he or she is a person of character.  This failure is fatal as far as I am concerned.  He does not have the personal attributes to represent this country in its highest office. 

Are the people of this country so blinded by their ideological and religious beliefs that they are willing to allow a liar represent them?  How do they know what he really believes and what he will really do?  How can they trust him?  Are they so mottled by self interest that they won’t even ask these questions?  Is Romney so desperate to win the election, that he will do anything to win it?  Can such a man truly represent you?


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