“Man Up” Mr. Romney

Thomas Jefferson famously stated that democracy requires an informed populace.  This is necessary for those who take the time to enter the voting booth to make informed decisions.  It is not only vital for the voter to be aware of the differing views of those seeking his support, but also the facts relevant to the issues at hand.  While the voter has an obligation to inform himself, those seeking office have an obligation to provide clear and concise statements regarding their views on the important issues of the day.

Yet, it seems that the Romney campaign continues to do everything it can to keep the candidate’s views vague while blaming Obama for all that is wrong.  The Romney campaign keeps reporters away, avoids Sunday talk shows and controls questioning at every stop.  The Mitt Romney we are allowed see is an image that is carefully controlled and presented.  On the rare occasion that he has gone “off of script” he has blundered and the damage control team is thrown into action.  We really don’t know what Romney will do if he elected into office.  He speaks in broad strokes and generalities.  He is clear about what is wrong with our country, but has not been clear how he would fix those problems.  Romney has so far failed in his obligation to provide clear and concise statements regarding his views on the issues of the day.

On the other hand Mr. Obama has provided us with a road map for the next four years.  His Jobs Act, now in the hands of the “do nothing Congress”, tells us a great deal about his economic plans.  His debt reduction plans, a combination of programmatic cuts and tax increases on the wealthiest 1% tell us more about his plans for the economy.  His submission of the Dream Act tells us about his position on immigration.  His recent statements on Gay Marriage, certainly leave no ambiguity as to where he stands.  His actions on the world stage have helped to rebuild America’s image, while increasing our security.  President Obama provides both his record and his words on which the voter can base his decision. 

The fact is that Romney ran so far to the right during the primary season that he has too many masters and cannot possibly please them all.  He therefore says as little as possible so that he doesn’t lose any support.  Vagueness and ambiguity are the tools of  this candidate.  How can we expect him to be a decisive and strong leader as President, if he is afraid to show who he is and lead his party during the campaign.  Mr. Romney, it is time to “man up” and tell us where you stand and what you really believe. 


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