He Is Just Afraid To Say No

Mitt Romney continues to prove himself to be a gutless wonder.  Certainly he will allow his super pack to say all of the nasty things it wants.  He is happy to let others do his bidding.  But when it comes to standing for something on his own, he has proven to be a man that has no core strength.  He is gutless when it comes to standing up for something, unless he has a crowd around him and he knows that he is with the majority. 

Three examples are instructive.  First, Romney allowed Trump to rain on his parade.  It was the day he was going over the top and would actually capture the number of delegates necessary to win the Republican nomination.  Obviously, this was known far in advance.  The Romney campaign has people who do nothing but count delegates and they knew when he would go over the top.  But Romney was afraid to say no to Trump.  He is afraid to criticize him and is willing to stand beside him and give this “bloviating ignoramus”, as George Will described him, legitimacy.  Giving him legitimacy is giving his nonsense “birther” blither legitimacy.  But Romney was afraid to say no to this buffoon. 

Mitt Romney has been asked on several occasions to state his support for the Paycheck Fairness Act currently working its way through Congress.  In so doing he would merely be supporting the concept of equal pay for equal work for women.  Yet he is not willing to do this because he is afraid of alienating the far right wing of the Republican Party who are against it.  He will not stand for a basic value because he is afraid of what the fringe of his Party will say. 

One of the ways of detecting a person who is full of hot air is listening to his tough talk to impress those around him.  Listening to Romney speak about world affairs is a perfect example of this.  He is talking tough because he knows he doesn’t have to make good on his threats.  By the time he might be in a position to deal with them, the issues will be different.  But by doing this he shows how incredibly uniformed and naive he is.  He has generated such concern in this area that even the Republican foreign affairs establishment have not yet endorsed him.  We have all known many guys like Romney who talk tough to cover-up their cowardice. 

No one can predict whether Mitt Romney will win in November, though many of us are praying that he doesn’t.  But what is clear is the fact that this is a man without the strength to just say “no”.  He is a man who will align himself with the worst fringe groups, and the most radical positions because more than anything he is afraid of losing.  He will do whatever it takes to win.  What do you think he will do in his first term to prevent losing a second term?


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