Is There Really Anything There?

There is no doubt that all politicians will state the facts that help to enhance and advance their candidacy.  That is, after all, what a campaign is all about.  It is also expected that within the statements and opinions that comprise the speeches made by the candidate is a set of core beliefs and values that represent the candidate.  It is also reasonable to expect that while the facts may be skewed in a specific direction, that they are fundamentally true.  It is, therefore a tragedy, both for the Republican Party and the American people, that their candidate for President reflects neither truth nor a stable set of core values. 

Romney has no beliefs or values.  While he disavows the “birther” questioning of the legitimacy of Obama’s American birth, he invites Trump, the loudest “birther” of all to campaign with him.  While accusing the Obama administration of being the biggest spender of any administration in history, he ignores the report by the nonpartisan MarketWatch that the Obama administration has maintained the lowest level of spending of any in the past 60 years.  While stating that the Obama administration has raised taxes, he ignores the fact that not only has this administration not raised taxes, but it has lowered taxes through payroll tax holidays. He warns that we have lost our way in the world of foreign affairs and national security, while conveniently forgetting that Obama has not only killed Osama Bin Laden, but has consistently eliminated dozens of terrorist leaders around the world.  Finally, he grudgingly acknowledges that the economy is improving, but states that it would have happened faster if not for the policies of the Obama administration.

As he panders to every extreme corner of the Republican Party, Romney has told us little of what he will do, while telling us mostly what is wrong.  However, while his statements lack programmatic detail ,  what he has embraced is very concerning.   He has supported the Ryan budget, which would move us back to the debacle that created the worst financial crisis in the past 8 decades.  He would provide tax cuts for the wealthy, while increasing taxes on the middle class.  He has stated that class size has no impact on education, ignoring the most respected recent studies that clearly state the opposite.  Than again, the private schools that the children and grandchildren of his wealthy friends attend, do have small classes.  While it is clear that Romney does not believe in much, other than the importance of being elected President, we know that he does believe the need to protect and enhance the lifestyle of the wealthy. 

Yet, despite the tragic emptiness of the suit called Mitt Romney, there are many in this country who believe that he represents them.  When one has no true core values, he will say whatever it takes to convince you that he represents your values.  This will truly be a test of whether the American people do have the wisdom to make wise choices, or whether they are gullible enough to believe the empty rhetoric of an empty suit.


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