A Battle For Our Nation’s Soul

President Obama’s bold and courageous announcement regarding same sex marriage yesterday has once again brought into focus the enormous gap between the two Americas.  The first America, represented by the President is progressive with an understanding that government’s role is to protect its citizens from enemies both external and internal, insure a level playing field for social mobility and guarantee basic freedoms of religion, speech and the pursuit of happiness.  The second America, as represented by the conservative views of Mr. Romney, are quite regressive.  They feel that their interpretation of good and evil should be the national interpretation.  They believe that while government does not have the right to intrude on gun ownership, it does have the right to intrude into your bedroom.  They believe in an economic elite and will do everything possible to protect this elite from additional taxes or other government intrusions into the business of business.  They believe in less government unless a tornado hits their trailer. 

With the addition of North Carolina, 30 states now have constitutional amendments to make same sex marriage illegal.  These are typically the states that have the worst economies, educational systems, healthcare infrastructures, social service safety nets, rampant gun ownership and high crime rates.  In other words, these states have not yet moved into the 21st century and are fighting every attempt to move them there.  They are socially conservative and anti science.  What amazes me is that the average under-educated, gun toting laborer in any of these states believes that they have anything in common with Mitt Romney. 

Romney has one central agenda.  Keep himself and his wealthy friends wealthy,  and the government and its tendency to get in the way, at arms length.  He will speak the social conservative dogma simply to keep this ignorant party base in his camp.  Under normal circumstances, Romney would not be caught dead in the same room with these people.  He is an elitist and has shown that a multitude of times with his unthinking utterances.  He has no core values, so he has no problem spouting any value as long as it serves his purpose.

Within the borders of the United States we have two nations.  The divisiveness has impacted us all.  Congress has become paralyzed as it spouts words and uses archaic rules to prevent action.   The word compromise has become a four letter word and is being used as such as illustrated in the defeat of Lugar by a Tea Party candidate this week.  The next four years could be a disaster that continues to give voice to the ignorant and intolerant.  A major Republican victory in November will bring our economy back to disaster and the social climate back to ignorance and intolerance.  It will be a time during which our children fall further behind in the world and hatred flourishes. 

The election in November is more than just an election for president, congress etc.  It is truly an election and a fight for the soul of this nation.  Let’s make sure that the progressive vision is the dominant vision in this country. 


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