Indiana, A Tragedy In the Making

The Republican Senate primary race in Indiana between veteran Senator Dick Lugar and challenger Richard Mourdock is a tragedy in the making.  It will take place tomorrow May 8th, and will provide another example of the recklessness of the right wing.  Senator Lugar, while not a moderate, has always been willing to work across the aisle to solve problems that he felt were important.  He has built his reputation as an expert in the areas of foreign policy and disarmament.  While he has a 77 rating from the American Conservative Union, he has always been a leader who is more concerned with protecting the security of the United States than fighting his Democratic colleagues.  He and Democratic Senator Sam Nunn authored the Nunn – Lugar Act that has greatly reduced the threat of both nuclear and conventional weapons from Russia.  He represents the ever shrinking wing of the Republican Party that does not view bipartisanship as treason. 

Yet this veteran and highly regarded United States Senator is expected to lose his primary battle to the likes of Richard Mourdock.  Of course it is no surprise that Mourdock has the backing of some of the most celebrated names in recent Republican history such as Bachmann, Gingrich, and of course the ever present Grover Norquist and Sarah Palin.  To them and to Mourdock, Lugar represents a lack of conservative commitment.  To them, conservative purity leaves no room for compromise or bipartisanship.  They are, after all, the true believers with the arrogance that comes with the belief that only they know the true path to saving our country. 

The Primary in Indiana is a microcosm of what is happening throughout our country.  This kind of battle is being waged in many local contests and will have a significant impact on our future and the future our children and grandchildren face.  It is clear that Mitt Romney has no core values and only one goal.  He wants more than anything to become President of the United States.  He will bend in whatever direction necessary to achieve this goal.  If necessary, he will even cast off the Lugars and support the Mourdocks.  He will sell his soul to the devil and will care nothing for those of us that believe that this country and our future deserves better. 

The result of the Indiana Primary casts a shadow upon our future.   Only our actions and support for those who care about country more than partisanship will overtake the shadow with the bright light of the sun.


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