Game On

Well, the time has come for the warm up show to end and the combatants in the center ring to get started.  Welcome to the main event.  Allow me to introduce the contenders.  In this corner we have President Barack Obama, a Democrat who, despite the Republican rhetoric, governs from the center and has made remarkable progress cleaning up the catastrophic economic problems he inherited from the Republicans.  He has also cleaned up the foreign policy disaster that was the Republican national security plan.  This consisted of two wars, a failed attempt to find Osama Bin Laden and the corruption of our armed forces with the help of Haliburton and Blackwater.  In this corner we have Mitt Romney, a Republican who has governed from the center as a governor and has run as a conservative as a presidential candidate.  Mr. Romney has changed his positions on abortion, immigration, contraception, foreign affairs, health care, taxes and the economy.  In each case he has moved to the right to accommodate the attitudes of the base of the Republican Party.  As it stands at this moment, the contrast between these two candidates is clear.

As the battle begins it will be fascinating to watch what happens as Mr. Romney tries to attract the all important women’s vote and the equally important independent vote.   During the past several weeks both of these groups have been moving toward Obama and away from the Republicans.  In order for Romney to reach out successfully to these groups he is going to have to walk back a number of positions he has taken.  By doing this he will appropriately be fulfilling the charge he has encountered many time before, that of flip flopper.  What it tells us about Mitt Romney, that is more important, is that he truly has no core beliefs.  His only belief is in doing what it takes to be elected President.  

The Republican Party views the electorate with cynicism and a sense that they can be manipulated.  They feel that the average voter is not now engaged or aware of the positions the party has espoused during the past several months.  In fact a recent Pew survey has shown the exact opposite.  The electorate has been surprisingly engaged and is aware of the positions taken by the Republican Party.  It will be quite difficult for Romney to walk these positions back towards the center without looking incredibly transparent and politically cynical. 

The question the Democrats need to ponder is whether the views the Republican Party has been espousing during the past several months are in fact the views of the majority of Americans.  That is what this election is about.  It is not overly dramatic to to say that this election is about two conflicting visions of America.  One view is rather Darwinian, while the other provides support and a level playing field.  One is skewed to the privileged, while the other is balanced to support the uplifting of all Americans. Our future and the futures of our children and grandchildren are riding on the outcome of this election.  Next November let’s not have any regrets Let’s be pleased and satisfied that we did what we needed to make sure our vision of America is in fact America’s future. 


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